Mission 24 – The Shatterer Of Worlds



MISSION 24 – The Shatterer Of Worlds

Mission area: Regno
Prerequisites: Complete Mission 'Bavarium Blackout'
Liberate Settlement 'Falco Maxime: Centcom


Once again it's all out war with Di Ravello. You'll be spending your time in this mission helping groups of rebel soldiers defeat Di Ravello's troops to raise the battle meter at the top of the screen once again. Leap off the cliff and wingsuit down to your first battle on the streets of the town below. Your first task is to take out a sequence of about seven snipers that appear on balconies and rooftops along the main street to protect the incoming rebel advance. Simply grapple close to each one and unload on them or use your own sniper rifle if you brought one to shoot each one down in turn. When the final sniper goes down, your next battle awaits nearby.


Glide your way across the landscape towards the next battle site. A squadron of Di Ravello's armoured units and soldiers will be pushing back the rebel units in the area. Alessia will inform you over the radio that the rebels can fly in air support if you deal with the two SAM sites at the back of the area by hacking them. You can either take on the enemy forces directly here or choose the easier option and hack both SAM sites. When you do two helicopters arrive to distract the armoured tanks, letting you zip around planting bombs on them and shooting unaware soldiers. When the smoke clears your meter should be full. Dimah will call you up to meet her at the central command facility on top of the control tower.



Thankfully a marked jet nearby will offer you a much quicker way of reaching the facility. Fly it up to the top of the mountains where the central command complex is located. Parachute down towards the control tower when you reach it and a scene will take over. After the dramatic events take place, your mission is at an end.



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