Mission 25 – Son Of Medici



MISSION 25 – Son Of Medici

Mission area: Maestrale


Note: Bring a fire leech launcher to make this final boss battle extremely easy. You need at least some sort of explosive ranged weapon (as regular guns do tiny amounts of damage), but the lock on abilities of the fire leech make this fight a breeze.


With his forces in disarray, Di Ravello has fled to his villainous lair in the volcano (of course). Time to track him down and finish him off once and for all. When you regain control after the opening scene of the mission, look around to see a jet at one end of the runway you can take command of. Take to the skies and head for the marker showing the volcano's location. As you arrive (or at least fly over it) a scene will take over resulting in you standing on a ledge overlooking the fiery depths below. Glide down towards the flames below using your wingsuit to confront the final boss. Yep, a relatively generic helicopter battle… Anyone else think this game deserved something more extreme and ridiculous? Like a bavarium powered Godzilla mech suit or something?



Di Ravello's chopper has three things going for it. It has the typical bavarium shield (cannot be grappled and invulnerable to damage while active), it does have a shorter cooldown time than usual however so you'll need to be quick to land your damage during the battle. The chopper is also fitted with a mini-gun and rockets. The rockets do a large chunk of damage and hit an area so they are your biggest threat during this fight. The mini-gun is relatively easy to avoid by moving and doesn't deal as much damage. You will be fighting on a series of ledges above the hot lava with several pillars of rock scattered around the area.


These pillars are your life line. What you do is hide as close as you can behind them while Di Ravello's shield is active, circling around them to keep the chopper on the far side. As soon as his shield goes down, pop out and shoot your fire leech at the boss to deal significant damage (around a quarter of his health). This means you need to hit on at least 4/6 of your shots to win but it is quite easy once you have the timing down. When you empty the health bar of the boss, a scene will take over and you will be face to face with Di Ravello himself. Perform the event (press the required inpt, there is no timer) during the last scene of the game and Di Ravello will be no more. Congratulations, you've finished Just Cause 3. Keep in mind though, there's still provinces to liberate and collectibles to acquire as well so Rico's work is still yours to complete.



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