Forget The Takeaway It’s Time To Cook Real Food In A Webshow

Forget The Takeaway It's Time To Cook Real Food In A Webshow

Find this cooking show puzzle in central Asgard. Fix the camera pieces to kick things off.

When you have control again, follow a clue trail that starts between the camera and the table.

The trail leads to the wayward fridge. Use magic or tk to move it to the set, then use fire or heatbeams to thaw the contents.

Smash the chest on the other end of the table, and assemble the pieces into a blender.

Levitate the fridge contents over to the blender, one by one.

Activate the blender, then levitate the pot on the table over to the stove.

Activate the stove, and the hostess will carry a golden pot over to the table. Melt it with beams to secure the brick.

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