Out of Time Collectibles

Out of Time Collectibles

True Believer: ~80,000 Studs

Stan Lee: On the ground floor of the starting area, look for a wall of glowing red squares. Note that the square in the lower left corner keeps blinking on and off.

Leap through this hole as Kamala, then smash everything in the room to build a Ms Marvel platform.

Activate the platform to disable the field, and free Stan.

Hidden Character: Grandmaster

In the last part of the level, after the Eson summon, use sonics to open a glass door on the upper level, stage left.

Knock open the pedestal there to grab the Grandmaster token.


(1) Destroy three silver Kang statues in the first area. One is on the ground level, stage left.

One is on the upper level, downstage far right.

One is on the upper level, downstage left of the door & turrets platform.

(2) Look for the elevator tube, upstage left on the ground level.

Fly to the top to find a minikit.

(3) On the ground level of the first room, charge up the electro port far stage right.

This activates two floating platforms. Leap from one to the other, and one you're not on rises. Keep leaping backing and forth until you reach the upper level.

Magic the kit up top to spring a minikit.

(4) In the small room where you work the turret console, there's a minikit you can grab off the conveyor belt (don't worry if you miss it- it'll pass by again in a few moments).

(5) Stage left, on the upper level by the outside window, is a hackable lazer maze.

Run the maze to win the 'kit.

(6) In Kang's control room, there's a kit underneath his command station, upstage center on the ground level.

(7) In Kang's control room, there's a model of Chronopolis in the downstage right corner. Smash the furniture to reveal a rune platform.

Solve the rune to play a little animation that ends with a minikit floating above the table.

(8) Stage right in Kang's command room is a door with a telekinectable control box.

Use magic or teke to openthe door, and find a minikit inside.

(9) When Kang is first 'beaten,' wind the portal all the way backwards to disgorge a minikit.

Disengage from the time warp and go pick up the kit before continuing to summon Eson.

(10) After the Eson summon, look for a pull-looped panel in the wall stage right, just below the edge of the upper level.

Pull it down to drop the last minikit.

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