Cheat Code Central: Spider Strategy Guide

Cheat Code Central: Spider Strategy Guide

Spider Strategy Guide

Basic tactics
Try to avoid using Slash as a weapon, especially at corners (spots where screen rotates). Corners screw up timing.

Most crawlers have a pattern. They’ll either pace back and forth, or circle around crates or ledges. Anticipate these patterns and adjust by moving around them.

Accumulating 100 DNA icons gets you an extra life, but let’s face it: Since the game allows for unlimited continues as well as memory card saves, there’s really nothing motivating about grabbing DNA.

Most of the crawling enemies are best avoided by simply jumping over them. A prime example of this is waiting until a “pacing” enemy has just done its about face – then, jump diagonally over it.

The Boomerang is great because it never runs out, but the best overall weapon, or Power-Up, has got to be the Missile. It seeks out targets in range and just blasts the beejeezus out of ’em!

CD bonus areas and other neat junk
Each level in the game contains three pieces of a broken CD-ROM. If you want access to all the cool, Secret Bonus Areas, you’ll need to locate these pieces. Some of them are fairly tricky to find, so I’ve explained where each one is hiding. And – because I want to help out my fellow gamers of course – I’ve provided a walkthrough of each Bonus Area. Lastly, players who get all microchips and all CD pieces, get to see a snazzy, FMV clip! The clip contains some cool behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Spider!


Laboratory (level 1)
Lab Floor (1 Microchip)
There’s not a whole lot of traffic here, so it’s a good to practice control techniques. Moving to the right of the start point, jump up in front of the first working monitor; this will give you a free 1-Up. A piece of the CD for this level is floating just below the ledge where the Microchip is. Crawl underneath the ledge and lower yourself with webbing to get – then, exit the area.

Sinks (1 Microchip)
Before jumping over each sink, wait until the spider on the other side begins walking away. This will give you room to land safely. The CD is located on the shelf above the Microchip sphere. To get there, just travel right of the start point…you can’t miss it!

Lab Top (3 Microchips)
Right off the bat, you can grab the shield to the left of the start point and proceed through the fire for a power-up. Return right to the start point. Watch out for falling flasks and zigzag your way upward, jumping ledges and climbing walls. Grab the boomerang on top of the red glowing box. Jump the flaming gaps. Right after you move across the white lightbox, be ready to hit the enemy spider with your newly acquired boomerang. Continue to the right, kill the second hanging spider, and go up the wall. Creep up and around the ledge. Run past the falling flask. Hop the first gap and stop to kill the next hanging spider. Leap the second gap. The third gap is much wider, so get a running start to leap across safely. The area with flames below contains the CD piece, so crawl underneath the ledge and down the wall for it. Crawl back up the gizmo with the green and blue buttons on it. Go up the wall, kill the yellow jacket, and continue upward for the first Microchip. To get the second Microchip, go down and to the right of that wacky gizmo. Snatch the Smart Bomb power-up on the lightbox. Kill the hanging spider, jump the fire gap, and you’ll see the 2nd Microchip just beyond the red glowing lightbox. Microchip #3 is fairly well hidden. Go to the location of the second Microchip sphere. Pass under it, climb the wall and make your way upside-down and to the left. Continue up and around and hey – there it is!

CD Bonus Area: 70’s Room (1 Microchip)
The first Power-Up – a Poisoner – is floating in the bottom lower-right corner of the first wooden wall unit. The second wall unit only contains DNA. Avoid the slug by jumping diagonally over it. The third wall unit holds a Mine power-up. The Microchip is on the far side of the fourth wall unit. There are two power-ups to the left of it, though – a poisoner and a mine – so grab them before you enter the sphere.

Factory (level 2)
Boxes (1 Microchip)
It gets a bit more dangerous here, mainly because of the many “do-it-right-or-splat” jumps required. Watch out for the enemy spider to the right as soon as you start. He’s tricky to round out with Slash when he rounds-out the corner, so either jump over him or wait for him to come to you. Soon, you’ll see a Flame Power-Up hovering alongside a chain. Climb up the crate to the right of the chain and free-fall onto the power-up. Torch the bat. Now move down to the reddish-tinted crate that the bat was flying over. You should end up standing on the crate marked “Fragile”. Jump off this crate to the right. Now, grab the Mech Mines by leaping diagonally up and onto the crate; hang for it. Go back down, and travel right. The Flame power-up is in sight, so go for it. Continue moving right. The screen should rotate. Carry on, but watch out for spiders and yellow jackets. Hop upward a few crates. When you see a flowing trail of DNA to the right, leap off and follow the trail as you fall. Do it right, and you’ll nab the CD. Just make sure you land on the crate below, or see ‘ya! Continue to the right to get the Microchip!

Conveyors (1 Microchip)
Grab the mine to the right, being cautious not to touch the fan. Proceed down the side and onto the long conveyor belt. Moving upward, you’ll see a Flame power-up just below the second short conveyor; hang upside-down for it. The yellow jackets can be done-in by carefully timed jumps while shooting flames. Run past the Press. There is a Missile waiting at the lower portion of the conveyors; go down to retrieve it, than head back up to the top section. The CD piece is located just as you reach the top area. Drop down between the two belts to get it. Continue upward and to the right to get the Microchip.

Machine Room (3 Microchips)
Things really get tough now. The first hole to the right leads to a very cool Electro power-up. Go down the hole and stick to the right wall. Advance upside-down and wait for the burners to go out. Quickly grab the Electro power-up (this baby’s cool, so it’s worth the danger). Drop down from the ceiling and fry the ever-loving daylights out of the rat. Turn and head left. Go up and over the crate to enter the striped entryway to the small lava room. Drop directly on to the purple shield icon. While protected, quickly grab the goodies and hop into the Microchip sphere. The 2nd Microchip is located above and to the left of the lava room, just beyond the rat. The third Microchip is waiting at the farthest right section of the start point. Take the long, vertical conveyor up (don’t forget to take the boomerang) and, once at the top, jump to the wall. Climb upward. Avoid the trio of burners altogether by going up and over them. Just jump diagonally onto the first pipe. Hey, whattaya know – a piece of the CD! Free-fall onto the Smart Bomb. The Twin Presses are much faster than usual; careful timing is required. Kill the remaining enemies, and enter the hole to the Microchip.

Mechanical Arm Boss
This thing ain’t no Robotnic pushover, that’s for sure! As the swiveling arm tries to pound you into spider pulp, “lure” it into place, move aside, then come back in to hit the clamp. Bombs will also drop on occasion; unfortunately, their pattern is not easily detected. After 5 hits on the arm clamp, the arm will lower itself and continue to spin in a clockwise motion. Timing is everything; about four jumps will do. Resume slashing the clamp. After 3 hits, the arm will lower and spin again. Two more hits is all it takes to finish the damn thing off.

CD Bonus Area: Tubes (3 Microchips)
Microchip #1: From the start point, go right. At the first intersection, go down, clinging to the top of the pipe. Maneuver around the yellow jacket. At the 3-way intersection, go up and grab the Poisoner. Go left. Jump the toxic goop, and there it is! Microchip #2: Follow the same route as above, until you get to the 3-way intersection. Go right, not up. At the next intersection, go down. Be sure you’re upside-down. Hang for the Poisoner. Keep moving right. Make your way up and over – the Microchip is at the end of the pipe. Microchip #3: At the 3-way intersection, go up (grab the Poisoner). Make a right. Hop over the toxic crud. When the pipe widens, jump from stone to stone, avoiding the green slime. The Microchip is right there.

City (level 3)
Down The Street (1 Microchip)
The grasshoppers are a real pain in the butt. Let them turn around and face you, then rush over them with a long diagonal jump. Go down the grate (watch that slug!) and grab the CD piece. Hop over to the right wall and go down. There is a Mine power-up hovering in the sewer; hang for it. The water drops are easily avoided; just sneak past them. Go back up, and hop over the grate. A slug appears next. Either crawl over it and lay mines to kill it, or go the easier route and just quickly jump over it. Jump across the grasshopper next and leap across the sewage gap. Now, hop back to the left of the gap to grab the Missiles. Send to of them flying to kill the fat slug up ahead. Hop over the two remaining slugs to get the Microchip.

Side Of Building (2 Microchips)
This is a pretty cool level. To get the first Microchip, move left, hopping onto ledges. Go up the vertical beam (watch that spider). Once at the top of the beam, leap to the right. Avoid the yellow jacket. Hop from ledge to ledge and grab the 1-Ups and Missiles. Go back to the vertical beam and kill the spider with the nice, juicy Missile. Jump up to the pipe. When you get to the top, hop onto the right ledge and then onto the diagonal wooden beam. Hop up and cling to the left edge. Crawl up and around to the Microchip on the left. The other Microchip is actually to the right of the diagonal wooden beam. Hop ledges. The farthest-most right ledge has a string of DNA under it. Hang under this ledge, but drop down from the right side to fall onto the ledge below. The CD piece is right underneath the ledge containing the Microchip sphere. Hang for the CD, then circle the ledge up to the Microchip.

Park (2 Microchips)
Watch out for the enemy spider on the first log. Grab the Missiles on the rock. Kill the Grasshopper. Get past the gas container, crawl into the log, and descend. Use the left wall to avoid the flame jets. Wait until the jets shift position, and out of harms way, then crawl downward. Blast the rat, then free-fall onto the 1-Up and Missile icons. Move right, avoid the flame jets, and then head to the surface. You’ll find the CD piece in the log. You can’t get out from here, so retrace your steps and go back underground until you get to the original entry-point. Hop back up onto the log and this time, go right. Jump up to the cement pipe. Hop across the gaps. Leap upward. Kill the enemy spiders. Once at the top, go into the second cement pipe to Microchip #1. To get to the second Microchip, do this: From the starting position, pass the first cement pipe, and continue moving right. When you get to the stream, leap across. Enter the pipe ahead to get the Microchip!

Along The Street (2 Microchips)
This is extremely tough, so stay alert. Moving left, you’ll see a Kamikaze-type fly buzzing like mad. Lure him towards you, and move away to get him to crash. Be very careful around the purple bats. Grab the Missiles and target them before their bombs can hit you. When you get to the metal mantis, let him slink into the ground, then pass quickly. Don’t waste Missiles on him, you’ll need them for the bats. Once the screen rotates, nail the bat overhead and get the Health icon hiding behind the lamppost, as well as the Boomerang power-up. Use the boomerang to nail the remaining bats before you cross each trio of flame jets. The metal mantis is back – this time, with a Boomerang of his own! Send him to that big bug house in the sky. After taking out the remaining enemies, continue left to the Microchip.

CD Bonus Area: Under The Street (1 Microchip)
Hop from beam to beam. Unless you were lucky enough to carry over a cool power-up from the previous level, you’ll be forced to use your Slash to kill enemies here. Be careful; there is not much room to maneuver. Travel all the way to the right and voila – your Microchip awaits!

Museum (level 4)
Display Cases (3 Microchips)
Get the Missiles underneath the 4th display table and blast the bug juice outta them spiders! To get the first of three Microchips, climb the wall. Jump off to the left and make your way across the table tops, and your there! The 2nd Microchip is accessed by moving all the way to the far-right wall. Move upward and fall into the air duct. Crawl to the right about ½ screen length; turn around and leap diagonally to the left. If done correctly, you’ll freefall to the opposite wall, just barely missing the whirling fan. Crawl, along the ceiling, grab the Smart Bomb, and kill the spider up ahead. Drop down to enter the monitor room. Watch your step here; one wrong move and you’ll get fried or fall to a nasty death. Move into the 2nd air duct and repeat the same diagonal jump procedure as the first air duct to cling to the ceiling. Snatch the Health icon, and continue out onto the walkway. Time your jumps to avoid the trio of swinging balls. There’s a little surprise under the 2nd vertical beam below the 2nd set of those swinging balls…yup, it’s Microchip #2! When the swinging ball gets out of range, quickly crawl under the beam and hang for it. The 3rd Microchip lies beyond the swinging ball zone. Move past them, go up the wall, jump the fans, and hop across the wooden beams. Jump to the wall where the enemy spider is – snuff it out – and proceed to the final Microchip.

Volcano (3 Microchips): Dodge the flames. The scorpions are relatively easy to avoid; just leap over ’em. Climb the wall up to the Poisoner. As you drop down, fire a nice, long blast of poison to wipe out the yellow jacket overhead. Continue moving left over the platforms and rocks. Hop onto the high wall and move up. Before you jump off to the left platform, wait for the spider to move away. Get to the 3rd small platform and kill the spider. Now, standing on the same platform, freefall off either side. Make sure you keep yourself “centered” under the platform when you fall. Do this correctly, and you’ll land smack-dab on the first Microchip sphere. Next, get the CD piece: From the start point, make your way left to the first high wall. Once at the top, turn a bit and face the right. See that trail of DNA floating in mid-air? Jump of the high wall and follow the trail; it leads right to the CD piece. Keep pushing to the right in order to nab it and land in one piece onto the rocks below. Go left and up the high wall again. From here you can get Microchip #2. Go to the platform you fell from to get the 1st Microchip. This time; don’t fall, just keep moving to the left. Hop from section to section, all the way to the left. There it is: Microchip #2! Last, but not least: Microchip #3. If you continue left from the start point, you’ll eventually make it to a high wall where a purple Shield icon is in sight – on the other side. Go up and over the high wall to get it. Be here’s the hard part: In order to make it to the Microchip to the far left, you’ll have to be faster than you’ve ever been before. Just as the Shield is about to wear off, jump at the very last second to land on the Microchip sphere. It’s tough, but it can be done. You do have one alternative method to getting it, and that’s by jumping down from the platforms way, way above. However, it’s just as difficult, because you’ve got only a split second to line yourself up with the Microchip before you land on it.

Dinosaur Bones (1 Microchip)
Surprisingly, there’s not much to worry about here. Move to the left and take out the spiders. From the 3rd moving platform, jump up to grab an Electro Power-Up. There are several 1-Ups in this area as well, so be sure to get them. The CD is easily swiped by leaping straight up. Keep traveling left, and you’ll end up at the skull. Inside it’s mouth is the Microchip and the exit.

Model City (4 Microchips)
Go left. Get the 1-Up hiding in the hole as you come down from the first statue. Keep going. Grab the Boomerang and Mech Mines. Hop up to the first platform above the fire pit. Jump to the next one over to the left. Now, jump over one more to the left – there’s the CD! When you go for it, keep pushing to the left or you’ll fall into the fire pit. Hey- there’s Microchip #1! For Microchip #2, repeat the directions above…until you get to the 2nd small platform over the fire pit. Turn around, hop up and to the right. Turn around again. Kill the spider via your trusty Boomerang. Leap up three more stones, and there it is. For Microchip #3, go right from the start point. Jump between the twin flame jets into the secret area! Once underground, you’ll see Microchip #3. Microchip #4: Go to the area where the CD was. When you get to the edge of the flame pit, move yourself left. Hop over the remaining flame pits and you’ll see it nestled between some stone pillars.

Museum Boss
Grab the Boomerang; you’ll need it. As the stone slabs fall, try to stay centered on the glass ledge – you don’t want to be pinned in a corner. If Health icons start to appear, try avoiding touching them, so you can use them later if you take damage from the boss. When the boss finally rears its ugly face, stay to the left side and repeatedly jump and throw. When ol’ sour puss pauses, be ready for it’s chains of fire to come at you and jump. After about ten hits, it’s a goner.

CD Bonus Area: Temple (1 Microchip)
Get the Missiles. Kill the yellow jackets. Leap onto the stone pillars and make your way to the left. At the string of DNA, hang and drop to the pillar below. If you can afford it, take the hit and leap through the flames to the pillar on the left. Grab the shield and jet through the lava to the stones. Hop from stone to stone. Now listen up: Jump to the right edge of the platform with the grey stone slab over it. To avoid becoming spider mush, jump high to the left and over the slab. Do the same for the next one. Poison the mantis, and the Microchip is yours.

Sewer (level 5)
The Wells (3 Microchips)
Go right. Keep hopping to nab the Poisoner. Move left. Enter the well. Moving left and up, climb the vertical beam. At the top, jump up to the left, onto Microchip #1. Microchip #2: Repeat the above…until you get to the vertical beam. Jump off to the right and onto the small piece of wood. Go down the right side of the long vertical beam and jump to the right stone. Jump over once more. Turn around; hop up and get to the well exit. Take the pipe to well #2. Climb to the edge of the wooden beam and leap off to the left – and onto Microchip #2. Microchip #3: Go to the second well. Wind your way down to the very bottom of the well. Kill the black widow, and climb in for the Microchip!

Along The Sewer (2 Microchips)
Immediately destroy the spider. Wait for the bat to get out of range and grab the Poisoner. Traveling right, fog the next bat with poison. Leap the gap. Go up and around. Snatch the boomerang from under the stone and nail the two bats. Navigate the spinning wheels. Wind around, leap the gap and get down to solid ground. Kill the spider. Now, crawl under the next pipe and hop to Microchip #1. For Microchip #2, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The pipe that you just crawled under is actually one you can traverse. Just get in and take it under water to the CD and Microchip #2!

Food Cartons (3 Microchips)
For Microchip #1, go up and into the first pipe. Continue forward. Go into the 2nd pipe. As you go down the slide, jump to grab the 1-Up. If all you have offensively is Slash, attack enemies at a 45 degree angle; this way, their venom can’t hit you head-on. Grab the Health icon and jump up to the third pipe. Once your out, hop to the next stone platform. From here, you can enter the pipe overhead by turning around and jumping up. Wind over through the pipe and drop out to grab the Poisoner and the first Microchip. Microchip #2: From the starting position, go into the first pipe. Pass the 2nd one. Go down the slide. Hop onto the striped moving platform. Continue forward. Jump into the pipe. Hop onto the second moving platform. At the next overhead pipe, turn around and hop in. Wind around, hop out, and head forward again. On the way down, jump to snatch the CD. (If you miss it, don’t worry; you can hop back up the slide.) At the bottom of the slide is Microchip #2! Microchip #3: From the starting point, go into the first pipe. Pass pipe #2. Go down the slide. Hop onto the moving platform. Go into the next platform and wind around. Drop and kill the slug. Hop onto the next moving platform. Pass the next overhead tube. Go down the slide. Moving forward, jump to the sideways-moving platform. Jump off to the right stone. Get the Electro. Continue forward, and you’ll see it in no time.

Up The Wall (3 Microchips)
Go into the well. Hop over, up, and to the right. You should be sitting on top of a sewage drain. Skip on over to the wood beam, grab the Poisoner, and go back up. Keep moving in a circular pattern to the left. Jump up and kill the scorpion. Climb up the vertical beam. Jump up and over to the right horizontal beam. Keep moving up the stones. Take the two moving platforms and gas the scorpion. Ride the three moving platforms. Kill the next scorpion. Hop right to the vertical beam, then creep over and around to get Microchip #1. Microchip #2: Do exactly as above, but pass the Microchip #1 sphere. Hop up to the right. Make your way to the next moving platform. Go up the diagonal beam and behind the falls. On top of the sewage drain is the CD piece! Microchip #3 is a tad bit tougher. Standing on the left-most beam of the three horizontal beams, face left. Now, jump to the stone overhead and position yourself on the left edge of the stone. Leap over and up to the stone; you’ll cling to the side. Now crawl over, baby, and claim your prize!

CD Bonus Area: Ryan’s World (1 Microchip)
This is without question the shortest area in the entire game. Just travel right to the Microchip sphere!

Evil Lab (level 6)
Circuit Boards (2 Microchips)
Grab the Missiles and blast away. At the intersection with the LCD clock, you can either continue moving left, or you can go up. Going left: jump onto the spinning wheel, leap up, and be ready for the bat. Blast him. Grab the Flame power-up. After you burn the spider, get ready to jump off the end of the slide below. Fry the grasshopper. Next, jump to the ramp ahead. You’ll need to keep hopping forward to avoid sliding backwards. Microchip #1 awaits you at the top of the spiral. Going up: Grab the Missiles (watch the bat). At the next intersection, you can either go up or down. Go down. See that trail of DNA flowing off the ledge? Jump and stay on it’s trail until you land. From this point, if you continue moving left, you’ll wind up at the 2nd Microchip. If you turn right, however, you’ll see the CD…just don’t get zapped!

Lab Top (3 Microchips)
The rats are fully cybernetic now! Move left and grab the Boomerang. Now, travel to the right. Jump sinks and rats. Next, you’ll need to be extra snappy if you want to make jumps and avoid all the flasks. When you’ve gotten past the next cyber-rat, slink down to the right-most gap. Drop down two floors. Go right, and enter the “biohazard” corridor. Kill the rat. Grab the Smart Bomb. Moving upward, get past the burners. Drop down, and leap the two sinks. Crawl back up 1 floor. Keep moving, and then go back down again. When you begin to enter the next “biohazard” section, and after the burner, watch out for the rat – he’s not that easy to see. Go up. The CD is floating over a burner. Now continue up. Kill the cyber-rat. Grab the shield and quickly move up to Microchip #1. Microchip #2: After you jump the 3rd burner, hop to the right wall and crawl and up and around; hang for it. Microchip #3: Near the position where the CD was, there is a hole in the wall. Go in, and you’ll run right into it.

Hard Drives (2 Microchips)
Kill the 1st spider from a vertical position. Once over the wheel, go to the right. Move down. At the next wheel, leap out to the DNA trail and swipe the Electro. Go over two wheels. Let the fan blow you over to the wall, but watch that voltage. When you get to the 3rd belt, move against it’s direction and down until you see a platform on your lower left. Jump onto it, continue left and there they are: the CD and Microchip #1. For Microchip #2, travel left and keep hopping from belt to belt; it’s at the very end.

On The Ceiling (3 Microchips)
(For future reference, the Mosquito is easily avoided by moving aside at the last minute when he charges you. And now on with our strategy!) When you get to the monitor with the scorpion, crawl under it. Jump to the monitor on the right. Go up to the ceiling above and get the Poisoner. Crawl down the right wall. Kill the spider. Get under the monitor with the scorpion on it. Hop down and nab the mines. Now, jump from light to light, leaving Mines behind you at each on to kill those dumb mosquitoes. Hop up to the ceiling, but be careful not to touch the blue voltage panels. Next, throw your Boomerang at the spider. Now, at the next flush-mounted, circular light fixture, hang and drop to the platform below. From here, hop up and kill the scorpion with the Boomerang. Next, go back up the ceiling and into the ventilation system. Kill the black widow, then wind around. Avoid the scorpion. Get the Health icon if you need it. Come back down to the main room and snatch the Missiles. Quickly, blast the scorpion from an angle with three Missiles – or it’s over in a big way. At the next small overhang, hang and swing to make the jump to the right. Kill the black widow. Jump down. Kill the spiders and scorpions. Stay on the ceiling and continue to the right. There’s the CD! Move fast, or the Mosquito will nail you. Keep moving right; kill the scorpion. Drop down onto Microchip #1. Microchip #2: Travel all the way to the right area, pass the second grouping of monitors (stay on the ceiling). The Microchip is in sight, but wait- pass it to get the final CD piece! Now go back and get the Microchip. Microchip #3: Go to the Monitor with the moss hanging from it. Kill the scorpion, crawl down, and jump right three lights. Way to go, baby!

CD Bonus Area #1: Brain’s Folly (1 Microchip)
Make your way around the lights and monitors. Eventually you’ll end up at the upper-right corner of the room, where the microchip is. Before you grab it, though, creep past it, because a piece of the CD is on the other side!

CD Bonus Area #2: Kip’s Bonus (1 Microchip)
This level lets search for 1-Ups, DNA, and all that other fun stuff. Bet hey, if you want to end the torment real quick, just drop off the starting ledge to the right and drop straight down That’s right; don’t even adjust your D-pad. After a bit of fall, you’ll slam right down onto a slide and into the Microchip.

Brain Boss
You wanna know how to kill this 32-bit monster of a boss? Okay, here we go! Lure the creature into blasting the glass tubes with it’s laser. Once a tube has been shattered, it exposes electricity (not harmful to you). Now, all you gotta do is lure the claw into smashing the voltages spikes to shock the crap out of it. After you repeated this procedure with all the tubes, hit the beast 4 times to put an end to it’s miserable life. Or you can kill it with 100 or so hits, but that’s a suicide mission, and my way is much better.


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