Surtur-n Doom Collectibles

Surtur-n Doom Collectibles

True Believer: ~36,000 studs

Stan Lee: In the underground room, just use a Strong character to smash the rubble trapping Stan.

Hidden Character: Odin There's a bowling game at the extreme downstage of the hidden room. Strike the plunger when the blocking rods are retracting.

If you've timed it right, the pins will go flying, and Odin's token will appear.


(1) One kit can be released by melting all the human-sized gold statues on the Surtur boss stage. One is in the extreme corner downstage left.

Nearby, one is downstage left behind one of the barrels.

One downstage right, near the other barrel site.

You'll have to destroy the equestrian statue nearby, but it's used to make the other barrel, and is not part of the minikit challenge. The next is far upstage left, by Surtur's sword hand.

And the last in the corner far upstage right.

(2) Douse the fire in front of the stage-left barrel, and use the resulting pieces to build some hulk handles.

Pull open the barrel to reveal the 'kit.

(3) Activate the console in the downstage left corner with a sufficiently tech-savvy character.

This pulls up a little balloon-shooting minigame- shoot them all for the kit.

(4) Find one kit just floating behind a broken pillar upstage right.

(5) Blast apart the silver topping on the downstage left pillar.

This reveals a minikit.

(6) Follow a clue trail that starts downstage left.

Dig up a dirtpile at the end, then assemble the parts into a rotary crank.

Turn the crank all the way to summon the kit.

For the rest, smash the cracked panel downstage right. Drop down to the secret chamber beneath

(7) Heat beam the gold statue stage-right for a minikit.

(9) Run the lazer maze stage left to raise a caged-minikit from the floor, then smash the cage.

(9) Grav bomb the central table to pull down a 'kit from the chandelier.

(10) Slice away the vines at the very back of the room, then smash the revealed vases.

The vase pieces can be rebuilt as a minikit.

Complete all of the above to complete the level.

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