Symbiote Surprise Collectibles

True Believer – 85,0000 studs

Stan Lee: Knock apart the cabinet stage-left in the reactor room, right between the laser barrier and the goo room.

Use magic or telekinesis on the feather duster inside to free Stan from his webbing.

Hidden Character: Spider-man Symbiote Suit

In the underlevel of the final fight area (reachable through the marvel vent), is a camera turret. Pick a stealth character to go invisible and pull the central lever.

This opens up the nearby chest, revealing the Spidey Symbiote Suit token.


(1) Power up the telepad vending-machine stage left in the first area to dispense a telepad.

Activate to jink to a small glass rom with a minikit dead center.

(2) Smash all five Alchemax logos (one will be unvailable until you return in free play). The logos are-

Downstage in the very first area

The walkway stage right in that first area

Just right of the reactor, on the upper level, in the reactor room.

To the left of the Hulk-Handled door in the reactor room. Stage left in the reactor room, past the laser door you need a Cap Shield to unlock.

(3) Enter the stage left glass door in the starting area with a danger-sensitive character.

There is a giant, malevolent pumpkin inside this room.

After it explodes, use the pieces to build a minikit.

(4) In the first area, fix the blue machine just stage right of the symbiote-compromised scientists.

When repairs are complete, the machine will fabricate a minikit right before your eyes.

(5) After revealing the hexagonal keyboard in the first area, grapple the vent above the sideroom.

This will pull down a glass canister. Use a sonic attack to smash it for a minikit.

(6) In the reactor room, venture stage left to have a Cap Shield base emerge from the floor. Use a Cap character to hit the visible shield bumper.

Inside is one of the Alchemax logos, and a minikit just spinning freely on the floor.

(7) When solving the cube pushing puzzle on the stage right side of the room, enemies will burst through the glass on the upper level.

Once they're dispatched, use a heatbeam to cut through the gold panel they've exposed.

This reveals a minikit in the space behind.

(8) In the final area, where you face Carnom, there are five gyros spaced evenly around the chamber walls (the spinny things with two blue lights). Destroy all five for a minikit, but they can be irritatingly hard to hit, because of the weird way directions work in this room. Best bet is to fly around the room at mid-height and keep strafing until you've destroyed them all.

(9) In the the Carnom arena, there's a marvel vent built into the floor.

Pop through to immediately score a minikit there.

(10) In the final area, through the marvel vent to the lower level, You'll find a giant blob of symbiote goo. Smash the rubble downstage of it to clear a rune platform.

Solve the rune to blow up the goo, which leaves a little symbiote bouncy ball, which you can ride like a vehicle.

Ride it over to the race arch which has suddenly appeared.

This is a very short race, as you might expect, but winning gold scores the last minikit.

Doing all this completes the level.

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