Bonus Mission 2: Simulation Situation

Gwenpool Mission #2 Simulation Situation

Enter this mission on the back of the Sphinx, after completing the Nueva York missions for Coulson and Daisy.

Have Phil laze off the gold SHIELD logo that he must have just put up.

Smash the computers that appear, and build them into a new computer, which you can activate with a console.

Close the pop-ups, leaving the one in the middle for last. You may have to click some a few times, but when only the center one remains, click that to expose a SHIELD shortcut icon. Click the icon.

Use Daisy to smash the glass wall, then jump off the vent to reach the levers. Let each one get all the way to the bottom to activate the next stage.

That next stage turns out to be a rail shooter. Start it by hopping in the gun-jeep.

Shoot everything with a target (green targets are things you've already shot). Maintain this strategy until you reach the portion of Ancient Egypt when the cart spins around on the track, retracing its path. When this happens, be sure to shoot the pyramid on your right to elicit a laser beam.

Shoot the targeted rod near where the beam is aimed.

As the cart trundles forward, shoot the rod-with-a-paddle near the beam's current terminus. This bounces the laser one final time, and frees Stan Lee.

The cart will spin around again. Resume shooting all targets without mercy. When you finally exit the course, your performance will be graded. If you shot most of the things, you'll get a top score, and win the Peggy Carter token.

An exit door opens. Leave the base to complete the mission.

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