Bonus Mission 6: Spooktacular Parade Saga

Spooktacular Parade Saga : Gwenpool Mission #6

Begin this bonus mission outside Hydra Central.

You'll need to build three floats to get the parade underway. The Living Mummy's is the easiest- have him pull down the statues on either side of the main stairs.

Then have Man-Thing pull the Hulk-Handles at the top of the stairs.

Smash the crates, and use the pieces to build an Egypt float.

Now wend your way stage left, past the merry-go-round to the food hut.

Have Morbius mind-control the Hydraite within to pull the lever inside.

This overloads the go-round (not quite so merry now), and gives you some new pieces. Use them to build a pull-loop which Mummy can use to pull himself up the scaffolding.

Get him to the top, then fly Morbius up to hang from the pull bar there. This lowers the skull-wall.

Have Mummy push the skull-crate down into the square.

Use the mess of pieces to build an air compressor for the tube-men, and a Transylvania-style float (not sure Morbius is that kind of vampire, but there's something to be said for branding).

Now over to the stage left side.

Have Morbius mind control the Hydra goon upstage left into driving the forklift.

Smash the forklift, and build the pieces to both construct a platform, and add more pieces to the vibranium puddle.

Build the pieces into a pull-loop, then pull the platform.

Use the new pieces to build a rotary crank, and use that to aim the hydrant-water at the vibranium remains.

This actually grows a swamp-float out of the ground, completing your parade objectives, and the mission.

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