Helicarrier Clean-Up

Helicarrier Clean-Up

Find 10 Shield Agents in original-flavor Manhattan. Each one has been trapped by Helicarrier debris, and you'll hear them crying for help as you draw close. They are-

1. Amidst some other wreckage just behind the Avengers mansion.

2. Near the curved base of the Oscorp building.

3. On a street corner by the Brooklyn Bridge, amidst some snowmen and barricades.

4. At the very top of the Oscorp building.

5. Atop the VR building

6. Atop the Voidimedi (?) building

7. Atop Dr. Strange's house.

8. On the ledge of a snow-toppled building.

9. On the ledge of the Timely Comics HQ.

10. Out on the Brooklyn Bridge

Freeing them all unlocks the Starblaster Spaceship

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