Hydra Hijinks

Hydra Hijinks

This is a guide to the story mode of Hydra Hijinks – find the collectibles guide to this mission here.

The two teams from the previous missions meet up (mostly), in a Hydragenous version of Manhattan, and plan their next move.

It's a new area, but don't spend time on street-level exploration just yet (you'll be back in moment). Instead, follow Wasp's instructions to summon a quinjet to your location.

Fly up to the airship, and disembark to eavesdrop on Klaw and Zola.

Try to enter yourself, and learn that you need at least some vibranium to enter.

There are ten pieces scattered about the city below, but the game makes them easy to find- they show up on your compass and are hilghighted by pillars of blue light on your map.

Additionally, the compass icons have little arrows indicating whether the shard is above or below your position. The pieces can be found-

At the door of the central Hydra building (in the plaza where you began).

Behind the right-hand corner pillar of that same building.

In a shop, surrounded by mannequins.

Under a lamp post, slightly sub street level.

In an alcove under a pipe junction.

Behind the map machine.

Atop a lamp post.

At the foot of another lamp post.

Under a concrete support by a Hydra-Dog stand.

On the upper level of a fountain and/or sewage facility.

Return to the airship for entry and a gold brick.

Once inside, you'll be attacked by a lone Hydra agent every few seconds. Just bash them away and keep moving.

Go the large grille on the right- you can't climb it, but you can wall-jump off it to reach a hanging bar.

This will lower a trapdoor. You can now wall-jump between the two to reach the upper level.

Klaw will attack with beam turrets. Regular shield mode isn't enough to save you- place Cap on the deflect icon in the floor, and redirect the beams to the stack of gold warheads.

Klaw will retreat- go right to beat up some Hydra goons, and generally tear the place up.

Smash everything, and build some Cap Shield apparatus. Pull the lever in the glass room to lower some crates for the shield to target.

Take your shot.

The crates drop pieces for a grav booster, which you can activate with Star Lord.

Climb the ladder past the wreckage, and put Cap on the shield platform to give Black Panther an alley-oop to the bridge controls.

This leads to the final brawl with Klaw.

When he has his shields up he's invincible, so attack his goons. When his shield is down, attack him. The mooks here are a little tougher than normal- profligate use of grav bombs can keep them from becoming a hazard.

When his health gets low, Klaw will start turning his shield into a shooting meteor of death, androsynth-style. Dodge when you see the red warning beam.

Otherwise just keep hitting him until downed, at which point you'll be suddenly launched into a dogfighting sequence.

You can switch back and forth between gunner and pilot, but everything related to mission success is going to be something for the gunner (being the pilot gives a chance to collect more studs). Shoot at Zemo's plane, and shoot down enemy missiles when they're launched. If Hydra goons manage to mine the plane, Cap will have to wingwalk out to knock them clear.

Keep shooting Zemo, enemy planes, and missiles. Eventually he'll drop into position behind you, but the aiming remains exactly the same.

He'll zip back in front of you for the final sequence- just keep firing to ground him, and complete the mission.

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