Interlude – Nueva York Shuffle

Interlude – Nueva York Shuffle

As Spiderman and Ms Marvel, head over to Nueva York to investigate the Alchemax building.

The entrance is unguarded, but heavily electrified, preventing entry.

Drop down to take a closer look, then follow the trail of visibly crackling power lines.

When you reach the plaza with the glowing stairs, look up. The trail continues up the wall.

Up top, you'll get your first gander at Electro 2099.

He's actually not much different than any other electro-shield enemy. Smash the zero-level goons around him, dodge his energy bolt attacks, and attack him when he becomes vulnerable after his shockwave-attack.

Hit him enough, and he'll get so angry that he destroys the generator. The Alchemax building, however, is still protected.

Follow the power lines again, but you'll notice that, once you reach the glowing-steps plaza, the path is different.

This time you'll cross the plaza right to the local billboard, and take a tight corner there before climbing another building, for another rooftop rumble.

As before, fight until Electro blows up his own generator. Again.

Return to the Alchemax entrance. No more wire-tracing, this time you'll face Electro right at the door itself.

Still, tactics remain the same. When Electro is finally downed, you get to add him to your roster.

You'll also get a point toward the Who's The Boss challenge.

And with that out of the way, you're ready to begin the mission proper.

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