Rune to Maneuver

Rune to Maneuver

This is the guide to the Rune to Maneuver story mode. The collectibles guide for this mission is here.

Fly over to Doc Strange's home and land on the runic pad outside to begin. This first rune is very easy- you just need to draw a square using the four points given.

Inside, Wong will join the party, and Strange will give you permission to smash everything inside, if you need to.

Definitely include the house of cards stage left, behind the coat rack, in your smashing.

There are five runes to complete here. The first is just left of the stairs, and is exactly the same as the outer door rune.

Go into the room to the right, and smash everything there, including the red demons and the significant-looking armchair.

Also smash the house of cards in the corner, right of the fireplace.

Assemble the chair bits into a web hook, and have Spidey give it a pull.

This releases some pieces, but not enough. Have one character climb onto one curtain pull, then switch to a second charter to hang on the other pull.

Blast these items, and build the pile to summon some sort of sand monster (briefly), and reveal a rune behind the fireplace.

These puzzles are easier than they look- remember you can't double lines, but you can pass through the same point as many times as you like. Solve this one by tracing the square and, when you get back to your starting point, tracing the two lines of the triangles.

Go back to the main hall and take the stairs up and right. Smash everything here, but especially the shiny bookcase. Note also the card house at the top of the stairs as you pass it

Use the resulting parts to build a portal, which Strange can activate to get you inside the attic.

Have Shulkie pull down the hulk-handled crate, and build the pieces into another webhook for Spidey to pull down.

This reveals another rune platform. As before, it's easier than it looks- just trace one square (either one) completely, and when you get back to the start point, trace the other.

Note that if you smash the stuff stage left here, you can build a little hospital bed to bounce on. Hold down the jump button to keep bouncing until you get all the studs, then keep holding to grab a minikit.

Return the main hall and go into the left room, dispatching the demons there.

Use Strange's time powers to restore the bookcase to its former state.

Climb the ladder, and magic the little idol in the corner.

This reveals a rune platform behind the case. Before you go back down, smash the house of cards on the balcony here.

Down below, age the bookcase forward as far it'll go, then step behind it and solve the rune platform. One solution is right, left, down (this completes the right-hand triangle). Diagonal up-left, right, diagonal down-left, up, then leftward to draw in the last two triangles sides, and right to complete the square and the rune.

Return to the main hall and go all the way up the stairs, then clear out the room.

Do note a purple chip right in the middle of the round window.

Smash everything, including any mimics, then use Spidey with a console on the stage right wall.

This dispenses a crate which can be broken down and rebuilt as tiles for the tile floor. The hulk-handled crate in the upstage left corner serves the same purpose for the left side.

Do look behind that crate for the last card house. Smashing it grants a minikit.

Both sides of the room are simple sliding puzzles- you need to match the color of each case's bottom to the spot that holds it. For each side, the strategy is the same – slide one case (doesn't matter which) into the empty, uncolored slot. Slide whatever case goes into the just-vacated spot there. This frees up another a colored slot, so move that case into position, and then the last.

When both sides are done you'll get one last rune. As earlier, trace the entire outside shape, then trace the entire inside shape.

This triggers a scene which triggers a long fight against Mordu. In phase one he'll switch between being invincibly shielded while he hurls area attacks that you must dodge, and fighting hand to hand. Mind Maggots will continually spawn and attack

Even hand to hand, Mordu blocks a lot, so area attacks can be good for breaking his defense.

When he's had enough, he'll summon two laser-eyed Mindless Ones. Take them out one at a time, using webs or other projectiles to disrupt the one you're charging. As the fight wears on, you'll get fast enough that you can rush to the first one's position and take him out before he's even able to fire.

Use projectiles to shoot down all the Mordu multiples (at the same time) to start the cycle again.

The fight goes on (and on) along those lines. Just keep smacking Mordu down until he hits zero.

Winning this fight completes the mission.

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