Mission 90 – Kill Frank Pagani:Setup

Mission 90 – Kill Frank Pagani:Setup

Talk to Donovan for a mission to place a tracker on Frank Pagani's car. It's still aboard ship though, so that's where you're going.

A zebra crossing announces the entrance to the zone- follow the path to two distracted guards. There are no other eyes on them, so take them out however you like. Head south and use the dumpster here to hop a wall dockside.

The sniper at this end of this alley can be killed without witnesses, leaving half a dozen guards milling in this area. Definitely take out the two in the office, then kill or evade the others to reach the objective marker. Be careful- there are a lot of civilians milling about, and it can be easy to miss one last goon hidden among them.

Enter the boat, killing the guy immediately inside.

Follow your objective marker down, killing the two guys chatting about cars. The car is in the middle of the hold, with enemies on a higher level, but you can still sneak over to it, plant the tracker, and return outside undetected.

Precious little good it does you- even if you've been whisper-quiet, several carfuls of goons will suddenly show up. There's no prize for taking them all out, so rush past them and grab a car, then roar into the city, ending the mission.

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