Cora Harper: Asari Ark

Cora Harper: Asari Ark

Locations: Tempest, Eos, Voeld

Talk to Cora after you've made contact with the Angara, and she'll tell you about Asari refugees showing up in Prodromos. Visit the outpost with Cora to kick off the mission proper.

Once on the ground, head to the Research Station and talk to the waiting Asari.

She'll point you toward the ice world of Voeld. So take Cora right back aboard the Tempest and head out.

On Voeld, take the Nomad to the designated waypoint, only to be disappointed. This isolated hilltop may have a little bit of lithium, but no Periphona.

The map will now fill with possible signals, most of them sensor echoes.

There's no prize for investigating the false signals, so just make straight for the farthest, hardest to get to one. There you'll find a kett force still working over the debris.

This are all basic grunts, so send them to boneface hell, then scan and use the transponder.

There's nothing more to loot, but there are two data nodes here to scan, one Kett and one Initiative.

At this point, the questline is put on hold until Cora can decipher the flight recorder. It picks up again in Cora Harper: At Duty's Edge.

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