Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal

Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal

Locations: Tempest, Nexus, Kandara

Start this quest by talking to Drack anytime after he's been recruited. He'll tell you of a malicious assistant manager named Spender.

Catch up with Spender in the Docking Bay, where he's harassing a Salarian.

After the dustup, talk to the Salarian to learn more about Spender's sordid deeds, then follow up with Kesh.

Kesh will send you to Kandros (the turian militia chief), who will give you access to the security footage of the mutiny.

There's a garbled bit of Spender fraternizing with the mutineers. Even though it seems like it would be tipping your hand, Ryder decides to confront Spender with this thin strand of evidence, so head to Addison's office and do that.

This goes poorly, and quest is placed on hold until you can discover the planet where the meeting took place.

The mission will quietly update after you have access to Kadara. Check your journal to see a new objective added: talk with SAM aboard the Tempest.

Do that to get a new navpoint on Kadara. This one's a bit of a trek from the mountain- southwest in the Sulfur Springs area.

The area around your objective is littered with anti-vehicle mines- you can scan for them, but it's definitely safest to approach on foot.

Shooting them detonates the whole field, and alerts the outlaws. If you plan to go in loud anyway do that, otherwise simply walk around them. The garrison is mainly Raiders and Sharpshooters- you can charge in or snipe them right back. Either way, search the central room for clues once the opposition has been cleared. A data pad will implicate Spender, and point toward evidence hidden in his apartment.

Just finding the pad gives you AVP and Kadara Viability, but it doesn't complete the mission. Head to the Nexus to toss Spender's place. It is, unsurprisingly, right across the hall from the derelict squat where Peebee was doing her research. I wonder if they ever crossed paths?

Once inside, you'll have to search for the Scrambler manually. You'll also have a few moral choices to make along the way.

You can for instance, choose to hack a decrypted pad, weighing whether the invasion of privacy is justified (I mean, you are searching his rooms and reading his non-encrypted data pads, but Ryder feels this is different).

The most important choice, however, is whether or not to swipe the Initiative Fighter Model from on top of his bookcase. Note that this is the only place the model appears in the entire game.

It sounds like Spender stole it anyway, but two wrongs…. Anyway, once your Ryder has come to grips with that moral dilemma, you can still poke around the apartment for other incidental evidence, but the Scrambler itself is wedged behind the wall display.

It's a highly illegal device, evidence in an extremely sensitive investigation, so you immediately turn it over to SAM Gil Vetra some guy in Colonial Ops who doesn't even have a name.

He promises to get back to you. Eventually. Close out the quest by speaking to Drack aboard the Nexus. You'll score some AVP, and Drack will immediately launch you into Nakmor Drack: A Future for Our People

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