Eos: Kett’s Bane

Kett's Bane

Location:Eos (post radiation recovery)

After Eos is no longer so radioactive, you'll gain access to a field full of Kett turbines to the northwest. Start driving around in that area and you'll get a call on your comm from some guy who calls you a duck.

His location is easily picked out- as you head toward the objective, it's the smaller building with the big plume of black smoke.

Step inside to meet Bain Massani, apparently some by-blow of Zaeed's. Didn't inherit that voice, alas.

He'll give you some kett objectives to hit for the war effort. He sometimes seems confused about whether you have or haven't already taken down the main base, but the quest remains completable either way. Loot the container and scan the core before you leave. Outside, be sure to snag the Vanadium by the burning vehicle- it's rarish stuff.

Bain's first objective for you is to clear out a small kett base.

There's no heavy resistance, or anything special inside (though there is a container wedged between two beds that's impossible to reach. (Note: you may also accidentally trigger part of the Job For Danny Messier questline).

When all the Kett are dead (giving a 29pt AVP reward), follow your navpoint to a power generator. Luckily, this is the generator right next to Bain's place.

As before, kill everything here. That may include wandering wildlife.

When everything's dead, operate the objective console to take down the place, and earn another 29 AVP.

Return to Massani to complete the mission.

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