Kadara: Something in the Water

Something in the Water

Location: Kadara

While driving along the road in Kurinth's Valley, you'll pass by a little settlement with an outrageous number of dead Angarans on the porch.

Scanning will reveal that they died of sulfuric acid poisoning, from drinking unfiltered water. Scan the area for clues. There are lots of little snippets about their lives here, but only two count as clues. One is the sabotaged filtration system in the south building.

The other is an audio diary on a datapad in the north building.

This paints a picture of the settlement being sabotaged by Exiles, and the Angarans dying slowly from their damaged filters. Odd that none of them made the connection or went for help, and even odder that they all died in the same place. Still, the finger of evidence points to hostel on the west side of a ridge to the south- Charybdis Point.

You can poke around upstairs and talk to the proprietor, but nothing comes of it until you start nosing around in the lower room, and inspect a crate there.

Maddox will arrive and tell you why he wiped out the Angarans. He makes a few mildly valid points (if not exculpatory ones), but no matter how you reply, this conversation ends in a firefight. Why he thought he could take on three commandos at point blank range single-handed is a mystery, but it least he won't regret for long.

It's also a little odd that both staff and guests here are willing to fight you to the death over it, but when in Rome…

When they're all dead, the quest completes and you get AVP. Not sure why exactly- everyone's in the valley is dead, there are no more aid stations here, and the filter designs are apparently left behind to rot. Still, points are points- take them and get back to whatever quest this probably interrupted.

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