Jack’s 55th Birthday – Main House 2

Where to Find Everything in Main House 2

Main Hall: Jack & Inventory


Ox Door Hallway: 2 Molded, 1 spice where a bobblehead used to be.


Pantry: First Aid Med (in drawer), 2 sugar, Neuro Rounds.


Kitchen: 1 Molded, Fruit in fridge.


Dining Room: 2 Beers, Chicken, Cheap Wine, Sugar (on kitchen counter)


Den: Shotgun Shells (in near drawer), Handgun ammo (farthest drawer) Fruit, Dulvey Cru.


Garage: Green Key Blobula (Opens Scorpion Door & Bathroom), Stew, Fruit, 2 Sugars, First Aid Med (in locker), Handgun Ammo (in filing cabinet).


Main Hall Upstairs: 1 Molded, spice (bookcase near master Bedroom) Rec Room Hallway: 2 shamblers, 1 herb in drawer


Bathroom Hallway: Handgun ammo in drawer, Herb in a another drawer.


Bathroom: Green Lock. Garbage. First Aid Med & Handgun Ammo in drawers.

Kids Room: 1 Arachnid, Blue Key Molded (Open's Grandma's Room & Save Room & Crow Room), Neuro Rounds (bedside cabinet), First Aid Med (drawer)


Attic: Cheese, Cake, Spice, Two Sugars.


Laundry Room: Red Key Locked. M37 Shotgun, Sugar. Handgun ammo in filing cabinet, Flame Rounds in high cabinet.


Laundry Room Crawlspace: NOTHING.


Rec Room: Blue Blaster, Red Key Scyther (Opens Laundry Room & Master Bedroom). Cake, Fruit, Cheese. Gunpowder in one trash can, Herb in the other.


Grandma's Room: Cake, Garbage, Sugar, 2 Handgun Ammo in two different drawers.


Drawing Room: Scyther, Shambler, Stew, Cheese, Fruit, Spice


Crow Room: Blue Lock. Cake, 2 Chicken.

Card Table Room: Cheese

Moldy TV Room: 1 Shambler, Stew

Save Room: Blue Lock. Stew, Chicken, Shotgun Shells in cabinet.

Save Room Area Hallway: 2 shamblers

Master Bedroom: Red Locked, handgun ammo in bureau. Fruit, Beer, Cheap Wine, Grenade Launcher.

Storage Area: Purple Lock. Cake, Garbage, Shotgun shells.


Secret Passage Under Bed: A bobble head pops up where the swing trap is in Nightmare, then zooms down the hall.


Workshop: Burner Field & Enhanced Handgun ammo (in different cabinets). Beer & Cheap Wine in sink. Spice, Cheese.


Incinerator Room: Purple Lock. 2 Dulvery Cru, Handgun Ammo in Locker. In closed trays- Flame Rounds, Neuro Rounds, Cake, Shotgun Shells, First Aid, Garbage.


Incinerator Room Hallway: Lantern Marguerite, Spice.


Scorpion Key Room: Scyther, Sugar, Cheese, Fruit, Chicken, Spice, Shotgun Shells in green cabinet. A giant Mr Everywhere spawns here after you've taken out Spider Marguerite in the morgue. 


Morgue stairs: Sugar


Morgue Adjacent area: Stew


Morgue Catwalk: Red Blaster, Cheap Wine. Garbage on the grate above the stairs.


Morgue: Greenhouse Boss Mode Marguerite, Garbage (where you claimed the chainsaw in the maingame). A Baker Family Special can be found by searching Marguerite's shattered corpse.


Dissection Room, Far Side: Sugar, Shotgun Shells (In locker)

Dissection Room, Main: Chicken, Two Cake, Two Dulvey Cru, Garbage.


Shelves Outside Morgue Double Doors: Sugar, Shotgun Ammo, Burner Fuel.


Machine Room: Two scythers, Sugar, Cheese, Beer.


Moldy Bathtub Room: Two Molded, Burner

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