Madhouse Coin Guide

Madhouse Coin Guide

There are 33 Antique Coins in Madhouse mode, so not only will you find coins in new places, but many spots that used to have coins are now bare. Here's the intel on every last red Pelican.

1. The only coin in the Guest House, get this the same way you did before- by watching the Swamp Gator footage, and lockpicking the drawer in the past to reveal the coin in the present.

2. In the den just by the dining room where you first wake up in the main house. This on the TV table, in one of those skinny vases that always seemed to hide a lockpick in Normal Mode. In Madhouse Mode, always check them for coins

3. Immediately after the garage fight, climb the ladder and (when you finally get to the top) look left to see this on a black-plastic-wrapped box.

4. In the Main Hall, in the drawer of an end table with an angel on it. This location is the same as in Normal/Easy modes.

5. In another one of those skinny vases, this one in the Rec Room, to the left of the Scorpion Door leading to Grandma's room.

6. On the second floor on the Main House, near the busted railing you can use to drop down to the Laundry Room, is a painting turned face-to-the-wall, which hides this coin.

7. In the toilet off the hunting-trophy-filled Drawing Room.

8. In the yellow bowl beneath a gurney in the Crematorium.

9. On the lower shelf of a cart on the far side of the Processing Area Snake Door from the Morgue.

10. In a cardboard boxes on the lower shelves of the Dissection Room.

11. In the Yard, this coin in the sheetmetal'd cubby under the porch where you found the first Repair Kit in Normal mode.

12. In the Old House, walk outside from the Dining Room and look left to see this one in the corner.

13. On the lower shelf beneath the boxes on tables in the shadow puzzle room of the Old House.

14. When you pass through the centipedes after sholvign the shadow puzzle in the Old House, this on the broken board nearest the gap immediately as you emerge.

15. On the second floor of the Old House, in a drawer in the corner of the lantern-weighing room. The same place as in previous modes.

16. On the speakerbox outside the Greenhouse.

17. In the Greenhouse. Immediately after you defeat Marguerite, the first room past the disintegrating grate has a drawer with this coin.

18. Back in the Main House, this is in through the Crow Door off the Drawing Room, where the Grenade Launcher used to be.

19. On some metal shelving in the Attic above Lucas' old room.

20. In the Testing Area, this one is just behind the TV with Lucas' first opening spiel.

21. In the Testing Area, as you leave the room with the third Treasure Photo treasure, look left to see this on the corner of a wheeled cart next to most of a mannequin.

22. Before you enter the room with the keypad, go to the end of the dark hall and find this in the corner. Do this before the entering the room, as lower the stairs later will make this coin in accessible.

23. In a green drawer in the small room with the steroids-locker, just before entering the large barn area.

24. As before, on the wooden shelves just before you lower the stairs back down to the keypad room.

25. Aboard ship, inside a washing machine at the back of the Laundry Room.

26. From the Bridge, at the bottom of the blocked stairwell.

27. On the small table just outside the Guest Room (ie the save room where the videotape flashback began).

28. Inside another one of those skinny vases, on the lower platform of a wheeled cart in the room off the Dining Room (still aboard ship).

29. Past the laptop room on 3F, corrode the door and walk down the hall with blown out windows. At the very end of this hall, look to the right corner for this coin.

30. On S2, just as you leave the room with the giant pipe where things are always ambushing you, and enter the corridor with the double-doored room-of-loot, look in the near corner for this coin.

31. In a lockbox, in the corridor just past the room with the rising stairs. This location is the same as in other modes.

32. After the rescue aboard ship, but before leaving the ship entirely, you're in a small officesque room where you have to crawl through a hole in the wire mesh. Before you do, snag this coin from a table, next to a box and hardhat.

33. The very last coin in the swamp as you make your way to the save room. Pass the log you duck under, pass the log you step over, then keep a close eye on the right-hand bank to spot this one.

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