Act IV: The King



Collectibles in this level: 12


Objective: Reach the bottom of the ravine


Under orders to infiltrate the enemy camp you will start off in a lush riverbed. Follow the path of the river down, grabbing the [Vista 10/21] lying against the rock as you go.




Objective: Silence the barbarian patrol


You will come across several barbarians arguing over orders. If you listen you can learn that one of the paths has traps set along it. Apparently stealth gameplay wasn't an option so just jump down and start hacking away at the enemies (ignore the "what's all this then" line if you are able). Once they are down, take the left path for a [Chronicle 13/42] and continue down the right path.




Objective: Find a safe spot to cross the river


Cross the river for a grisly sight. This is the trapped path the barbarians were talking about. The first trap will show up a tutorial for how to deal with them so don't worry about sudden death. At the next river bed a barbarian will drop down and engage you.


Objective: Kill your ambusher


This canny barbarian wields two swords and is very adept at dodging. He can dodge regular strikes and shield bashes. He also has a three hit attack combo (unlike every enemy so far) and will not stagger unless all three of his attacks are deflected. All in all a nasty customer. The main method of damaging him is your strong attack (Y and X together) or blocking all three strikes. These create an opening to continue to damage him. Dodge, block and heavy attack when you can and you will take this annoying enemy out. A regular enemy will also attack after the first is killed but he is easy to deal with. Grab the [Scroll 08/27] from the body at your feet when the fight is over.





There are two traps in the next area (both illuminated by light shining through the trees) so be wary. There are two groups of three barbarians in the area, and in each group is at least one helmet barbarian so be prepared. There are a couple of pila to grab in the area so you can soften up the groups before you attack if you want. Three more barbarians will appear in the area after both patrols are taken care of. This new group contains a dual blade as well as two regular barbarians. Take out the regulars quickly so you can focus on the dual blade. Either block all three attacks or heavy attack to deal open him up to attacks and let him have it. If he's giving you a hard time, use a pila if you still have one.


Follow the marker to the path split ahead. Both paths have a trap almost immediately but the right will let you eavesdrop on the barbarians below. The group consists of three regular barbarians and a helmeted one. Once this group is cleared up a more dangerous group will follow. Two shield bearing barbarians and a dual blade will appear and make your life interesting. Taking out the dual blade should be your top priority as his three hit combos can make life difficult otherwise. Once he is down the shield bearers are just a waiting game.Use the only remaining path. After ducking under the first log if you turn to the right around a small log you should find [Chronicle 14/42]. Shortly afterward you should see the aqueduct ahead.




Objective: Reach the base of the aqueduct


Objective: Get to the archers positions


Another grim sight will be waiting as you reach the aqueduct. As you climb up look to the right for a [Scroll 09/27] to grab. Continue climbing until you reach a glowing yellow crate. In a small alcove nearby is a [Chronicle 15/42]. Kick the crate and the lift you are on will rise up.




Drop down and ambush the three archers. They shouldn't pose much of a threat. Climb up the small platform and immediately turn right to find a [Scroll 10/27].


Objective: Secure the ballista towers


Your troops are rushing headlong into death so it's time to take out the enemy artillery. Archers must be you first priority here but you can use the pulley above or the explosive barrel to deal with them as well as just throwing pila at them. Grab and throw until the archers are no more. Two regular barbarians will also bar your path so quickly dispatch them to take control of the first tower. Climb the nearby ladder to reach the next three at the other tower.




Objective: Finish off the remaining enemies


Two groups of three enemies will be waiting inside. The first is two helmeted barbarians and a shield bearer, the second is a shield bearer and two regular barbarians. After the first group the rest should fall in short order.





Push the crate off the lift to raise skywards. After stepping off you can spot a [Chronicle 16/42] hiding behind a barricade on the right side of the path, so grab it. Run along the ramparts until you spot a [Scroll 11/27] on your right.


Objective: Defeat the barbarian leader


The leader has two different attack chains, a regular three hit combo like the dual blades and a longer four hit combo. The four hit combo can be very dangerous as the last hit is heavy so remember to look for the red glow during this fight. Use the same tactics as you would against a dual blade just remember to watch out for that fourth swing. Once the leader falls below twenty five percent health, they will retreat. This only leaves the five guardsmen between you and victory. The guards consist of three shield bearers and two regular barbarians. Take out the regulars first so you can concentrate on the shield bearers.




Objective: Lead the formation into the hill


Time to mete out some Roman pain. Head up to your line and begin the turtle crawl towards the lines of enemy archers. Practice should make this slow but easy, just get as close as you can and throw your pila between volleys. Another group will appear after the first two are dispatched but you are already close enough to hit them so just throw away. A lone archer will confront you as you march along the tunnel. Show him the error of his ways and keep marching forwards.





Objective: Find a way to stop the archers


Head through the narrow passage to the right of your men. As you emerge there is a [Chronicle 17/42] behind the bones on the slab. There are also some pila to grab before you climb up.




Objective: Kill the archers and let your men through


You can either aim at the barrels here or just the barbarians. Once some have been killed you can command your troops to charge, which will take care of the rest. Hop down and join the fray if any enemies are still alive.


Objective: Break down the door


Amongst your men on the right of the tunnel is a [Vista 11/21] to grab. Be careful not to move to far forward and trigger the cut scene. There is also a [Chronicle 18/42] to grab on the side opposite before triggering the cutscene.Head to the front and smash that door down.


Objective: Defeat Oswald's honour guard


Wave one will consist of two helmeted barbarians and two shield bearers, as usual concentrate on the helmeted ones first to stop their interrupting attacks then whittle down the shielded foes. The second wave is identical so repeat the same tactics. The next wave is a little different. Two dual blades with their weapons on fire will attack. The fire adds nothing so just stick to normal tactics for these guys. Once they are out of the way the mound is yours. Nice cut scene by the way.


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