Titanfall Guide/Walkthrough

Respawn Entertainment and EA’s huge triple A block buster Titanfall has finally dropped and it is a doozy. Boasting an online campaign, giant mech combat as well as gun-play from a team of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers. The anticipation surrounding this game has been huge. After the age of space exploration began, scientists developed the capacity in ships to fold space and time. This made previously unthinkable distances quite easy to traverse. Thanks to these new enhancements, a cluster of inhabitable planets were discovered and colonized. These are now known as the ‘frontier’ while the Earth and it’s surrounding systems are known as the core. Tensions have erupted into war between two factions on the frontier worlds. The Militia has begun raiding and openly attacking resources and personnel of the IMC and so it is your job to pick a side and take the battle to them.
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