Chapter 1

The Lure of Adventure

Once the scene ends and the second-hand guilt has passed, press forward and x to vault out of the window.
Run down the rooftop and turn right at the corner. Hop onto the air conditioning unit and make your way up the wall, 
vault over the top and move halfway down until you reach the peak of the previous Pitch. Slide down, hop over the ledge and make your way through the open window. walk up to the cracked door and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll find yourself in a hallway but there's no time to explore because the Nun that lectured you earlier and the Father of the orphanage are walking into the room to have a one-sided discussion about Nathan. 
After the two part ways, you can do a bit of exploring. Walking through the doorway on the right will allow you to read Nathans aforementioned write-up.
Once that's done, go across the hallway and either hop the window or walk through the doorway and take cover.


wait for Sister Sarah to walk over to the window where she does something I've never seen a Nun do before. (controversial)
You will need to be pressing the left stick while pressing circle to move between covers while Sister Sarah is facing out the window.
Make you way around to the plaid sofa on the far end of the room. The father returns and requires the Sisters attention.

This is your chance to escape through the window. Once on the other side of the window, use circle to drop down the ledges until you are on the same level as the roof. hop up and make your way down to the next building.

Grab onto the ledges and make your way to the right side until you see the gutter pipe. Climb up and prepare for the first of many close calls. Jump down and make your way to the light to initiate the next scene.

Follow Sam and enjoy the back and forth between the two as you make your way across the rooftops.
Jumping to a ledge behind you can be tricky sometimes so be sure to have the camera positioned at your side and press the left stick to the left. 
Once Nathan is reaching behind him you're cleared for take off, press X and pull yourself up to continue the adventure.
After one of what will be many butt slide sequences, you'll pull another up and over which leads into another cutscene.
After the exchange, jump onto the rope and hold L1+up to climb up on the ledge.


Make your way around to the left and vault over.
Climb up the chimney ledges and hop around the other side. Press circle to jump down and continue following Sam.
The next jump is a big one so you're going to want to get a running start. You'll probably make it, just don't think about it.
Make your way up the clock tower and continue following Sam around the corner.


Cross the next roof and approach Sam, who is holding the rope for you. This acts as the tutorial for the use of the rope, this is going to be a big part of the game.Jump across the gap and climb up to the steeple. Exit through the other side and drop down to the roof. Head across and climb up the next tower. Circle around to the other side and wait For sam to drop down to the roof. Next, it's your turn, drop down and as you approach the edge jump across and grab onto the building ledge. Follow Sam around the corner and take the rope from Sam using Triangle. Press L1 to throw the hook at the telephone pole. Jump off the roof and when Nathan is reaching towards the fire escape its safe to jump off. Hop over to the ladder and slide on down. 

Enjoy the scene, heartbreaking as it is.

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