Not A Job For Tyrone

Mission 08: Not A Job For Tyrone




Objective: Find access to Bedbug's home


Head down the street when you regain control of Aiden and after a few seconds an objective marker should appear, showing you where to look for an access panel. Hack into it to get inside (pipe dream once more).


Objective: Install tracker on Bedbug's phone


Once you are looking inside the house, look at Bedbug and plant the bug. After an entertaining conversation between Bedbug and his grandma, he will exit the house and Aiden will have a new objective.



Objective: Follow Bedbug to get blackmail, remain unseen


Bedbug will walk out of the drive and almost immediately get in a car, meaning Aiden should as well if you don't want to get left in the dust. The difficult part of tailing him in the car is when he moves into red areas which will trigger hostilities if you enter. Instead, drive parallel to him on the outer street of these area and regain line of sight as quickly as you can when he exits them.


When he gets out of the car at one of the restricted areas, hop out and jump the fences after him. You may need to take-down or use a silenced pistol to bring down a few enemies as you trail him. Just be careful and methodical and Aiden should be able to keep up with him. Avoid engaging pairs of enemies if possible as they are likely to trigger the alarm (where's assassins creed's double take-down when you need it?).



Objective: Use cameras to follow Bedbug


Ah, back to the safety of tailing with cameras. Take control of the camera straight ahead and quickly follow Bedbug to avoid losing him. After a little while, Bedbug will stop and talk to a guy by the name of Rabbit.


Objective: Help Rabbit escape


The meeting will go sour and you will be prompted to rescue Rabbit from Bedbug (who thinks of these names?). Hack the pipe beside Bedbug to get Rabbit out of there.



Optional Objective: Guide Rabbit safely through the viceroys


This isn't as difficult an objective as it sounds, because you can fail it and still salvage the mission. In fact, it may be easier to sabotage Rabbit and just start shooting the thugs. If you want to try getting him out safely, use your distract opportunities wisely and time Rabbit's movements well to avoid the patrolling gang members. If you get him out successfully you will get some bonus unlocks and access to some side missions relating to him.


Alternate Objective: Retrieve Rabbit's dropped phone


If that doesn't matter to you, just direct him into the open and then open fire on the gang members. Rabbit will drop his phone and after cleaning up the area you can just pick it up.


Objective: Leave the area


After dealing with Rabbit one way or another, head back out of the compound and make your escape to end the mission.



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