Unstoppable Force

Mission 03: Unstoppable Force




Note: at this point in the game you should have a grenade launcher to make destroying cars easy in chase sequences. This can make this mission pretty easy.


Objective:  Take out the convoy before it reaches blume


Hop in the car next to Aiden when the mission starts and head down the road to meet the convoy. Touching the target van should stop the convoy and make them all get out and start shooting. You can also quickly jump out of the car and blow up the van with a grenade launcher, fulfilling this and the next objective.



Objective: Eliminate the target


Back up quickly and run over the enforcer that gets out of the target van (this is your target) and then gun the engine.



Objective: Kill all militia members or escape


It's up to you which approach you prefer (if you have a grenade launcher, taking out the militia vehicles should be pretty easy), but use the same tricks as usual (neutralize points, speed and precision) to finish the objective and end the mission.



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