FIFA: Road To The World Cup '98

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

Corey Feldman Interview

Super team

Select the "AC Milan" team and type "worldwide" during the game.

No crowd

While playing the game, type "city" or "exit" for the crowd to disappear.

Cheat Codes

Use the "Player Edit" option to change a player name to one of the following entries:

Result Cheat Code
Classic 1982 matchzico
Classic 1966, 1970, 1974, 1982 matcheshurst
Silly movesfooty or powder
Crazy balldohdohdoh or mrhat
Big head modeeac rocks or gabo
Hot potato modexplay or gonzo
Take a divejohnny atomic or cartman
Invisible wallsurlofus

Crowd sounds

Score a goal and repeatedly press one of the following keys or buttons to hear the corresponding crowd sound:

Normal drumsSprint
Loud drumsShoot
HornsLob/Long kick
Crowd cheersPass

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