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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Fledgling Career (5 points): Complete Tutorial 1: Flight Essentials.
    Crashtastic (5 points): 1st catastrophic crash.
    Download a Free Preview (15 points): Download an aircraft preview from the hangar.
    Aerocache Neophyte (10 points): Find any 5 Aerocaches.
    Ten Aerocaches of the Day (20 points): Find 10 Aerocaches of the Day.
    Aerocache Hound (35 points): Find any 50 Aerocaches.
    Pentacontacache (50 points): Find 50 Aerocaches of the Day.
    Fly Buddy (30 points): Fly multiplayer with a Microsoft Flight Team member or with anyone who has earned this achievement.
    G-LOC (10 points): Reach 12 positive G's.
    Redout (10 points): Reach 6 negative G's.
    Inverted (30 points): Accumulate 1 hour of inverted flight.
    Inverted Down Low (30 points): Fly less than 10 feet above the ground or water, upside down, at over 150 knots.
    Dizzy (30 points): Complete 5 consecutive spins.
    Aerobat (40 points): Complete the Aerobatics Competition mission.
    Mach 1 (20 points): Exceed Mach 1.
    Silent and Deadly (30 points): Successful landing with empty fuel tanks.
    32K (40 points): Fly to over 32,000 feet above sea level.
    Backwards (50 points): Land a fixed wing aircraft backwards.
    Icon A5 Landing Master (30 points): Earn gold on all Icon A5 landing challenges.
    Stearman Landing Master (40 points): Earn gold on all Stearman landing challenges.
    RV-6A Landing Master (40 points): Earn gold on all RV-6A landing challenges.
    Maule M-7-260C Landing Master (50 points): Earn gold on all Maule M-7-260C landing challenges.
    Princely Cargo (20 points): Deliver cargo to Princeville Airport on the island of Kauai.
    Maui Bound (20 points): Transport happy and satisfied passengers to Kahului airport on Maui.
    Tormentor (20 points): Frighten 10 or more passengers while flying jobs.
    Flying Zoologist (20 points): Fly light cargo missions and deliver 6 varieties of animals.
    Under the Radar (40 points): Transport 4 tons of clandestine cargo with at least 80% cargo security.
    Gold Rush (40 points): Earn gold on Hilo, Windfarm, and Ford Island Gold Rush challenges.
    Military Brat (20 points): Land at all military airfields in Hawaii.
    Hawaii Explorer (50 points): Land at all Hawaiian airports.
    Mission Accomplished (75 points): Complete all Hawaii missions.
    XP Grinder (75 points): Exceed 500,000 total XP.
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