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Extra money

Take two delivery missions at the same time that both will end up in the same city (check destination coordinates). Make sure both missions pay at least 500 credits. Then purchase a one way ticket to that city for around 115 credits. You will end up with around 900 credits from two deliveries that really are like one delivery. When in that city, find another mission terminal, and repeat.

144 hotkeys

The bar at the top is for your funciton keys. You can drag it open so you have 24 boxes instead of one. And whether you have 12 or 24 showing, you have six rows of these, which you can scroll through by pressing [Ctrl] + [Tab]. If you have multiple skill, set the special moves of each separate profession on its own bar. For example, if you have four professions, this will leave you with an extra two for the socials/emotes/macros.

Thought bubble

To make yourself think instead of talk, type "/think [text]". Your text will appear as a thought bubble instead of speech bubble.

Yelling and shouting

Type either "/yell" or "/shout" before what you want to say. It will be yelled or shouted, and can be heard by more people in the chat window (people that are farther away).

Tell command

You can communicate with anyone in the game directly, no matter how far apart you are from them by typing "/tell [name] [text]". Note: The [name] part of the command does not have to be their complete name. You can use their first name or part of it. This is also useful in determining if someone not on your friends list is logged on. Use "/tell" and the game will let you know if they are not logged in.

Better Medical experience

Learn Organic Chemstry II so you are able to make Stim Packs B.. Then, find a very large group of like ten to twenty and fight extremely difficult units. Use your Stimpacks to gain 100 to 200 experience just from one use. Make sure you look at the group's members health on the left of your screen to learn when someone needs healing and use hotkeys.

Killing Lairs

When using a weak characterm kill all monsters around it. Then, attack the Lair once then select "Peace". A unit will spawn, but it will not rush you. This makes it easy to kill. Repeat until four units spawn from the Lair. The maximum number of units allowed to spawn from a Lair is four.

Burstrun in water

When you press the hotkey (default) for burstrun, the game always states that you cannot burstrun while swimming. Instead of doing this, when swimming, type "/burst" and it now works.

Restore HAM levels for Zabraks

The following tricks may only work for Zabraks, but can be attempted for other species. If one or two of your bars are low (in the white, not black), while sitting, and not in a chair, type "/equilibrium". The game will even out all three of your HAM bars the best it can. Try typing "/vitalize" to boost your adrenaline, giving you an extra 50 in both health and action, and makes all your attributes and skills perform better temporarily. Note: Innate abilities can only be done once per hour.

Extra Wilderness Survival experience

Note: This trick works better when there is a high amount of lag in the game. If you are in camp, constantly leave and immediately return. If done quickly enough, when you check your camp status you will notice that current visitor displays more than one. If not done quickly enough, it still will increase the number of visitors, but not current visitors, and this does nothing to effect experience. However, if you do succeed in getting the current visitors to more than one, you will get extra experience for Wilderness Survival. The amount continues to grow the more current visitors you have.


Type one of the following words to pose with the corresponding expression:



Type one of the following words to do the corresponding action:

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