Quantum Theory




Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hunter (Bronze): Kill 500 enemies.
    Headache (Bronze): Kill 200 enemies with headshots.
    Major League (Bronze): Land 200 combo throws.
    Cut a Rug (Bronze): Land 100 full combo attacks. (3 consecutive hits)
    Ninja Style (Bronze): Filena killed 50 enemies.
    Privacy Issues (Bronze): Destroy 1 Watcher. (1/50)
    Novice (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Novice.
    Soldier (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Soldier.
    Mercenary (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Mercenary.
    Commando (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Commando.
    Elite (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Elite.
    Slayer (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Slayer.
    Berserker (Bronze): Obtain the rank of Berserker.
    Lone Gunman (Bronze): Kill all members of the opposing team alone. (8-player Team Battle)
    All Mine (Bronze): Kill all other players in an 8-player Deathmatch.
    On a Roll (Bronze): Kill 10 opponents in a row during one match.
    Killing Spree (Bronze): Kill 20 opponents in one match.
    Triage (Bronze): Revive 10 teammates in one match.
    Stop Looking At Me! (Silver): Destroy 20 Watchers. (20/50)
    Storm (Silver): Obtain the rank of Storm.
    Predator (Gold): Kill 1000 enemies.
    Leave Me Alone! (Gold): Destroy 50 Watchers. (50/50)
    Immortal (Gold): Obtain the rank of Immortal.
    Destruction Incarnate (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.

Additionally, there are 27 secret trophies:

    Pierce the Skin (Bronze): Clear The Root of the Tower.
    Through the Viscera (Bronze): Clear Trachea.
    Xylem (Bronze): Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2.
    Fetus (Bronze): Clear The Womb.
    Clear Your Mind (Bronze): Clear Cavitas Cranii.
    Enlightenment (Bronze): Clear The Seed of Gnosis.
    Dermal Lesion (Bronze): Clear The Root of the Tower on Hard.
    Internal Trauma (Bronze): Clear Trachea on Hard.
    Phloem (Bronze): Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2 on Hard.
    Breech (Bronze): Clear The Womb on Hard.
    Subdural Hematoma (Bronze): Clear Cavitas Cranii on Hard.
    Steady, Steady... (Bronze): Shoot an enemy with a Plasma Lancer from 50m.
    Getting Intimate (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks using the Bloodcleaver.
    Five Birds, One Stone (Bronze): Hit 5 enemies with one shot from the Ifrit.
    Professional Exterminator (Bronze): Kill the Gargantua on Hard in 2 minutes 30 seconds or less.
    Gladiator (Bronze): Kill the Chariot during Thorax on Hard in 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
    Warrior (Bronze): Defeat Thanatos on Hard in 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
    Matador (Bronze): Kill the Dreadnought on Hard in 2 minutes or less.
    Nevermore (Bronze): Kill the Raven on Hard in 2 minutes or less.
    Entropy (Bronze): Defeat Chaos (Thanatos II) on Hard in 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
    Release (Bronze): Defeat Diablosis Soma (Thanatos III) on Hard in 3 minutes 30 seconds or less.
    What a Pal (Bronze): Don't let any teammates who were setting charges go down during the final battle in The Womb.
    8 Seconds with Style (Bronze): Kill all enemies in Trachea without dying.
    Fight Fire with Fire (Bronze): Shoot down 10 projectiles from the Raven.
    Death & Rebirth (Silver): Clear the entire game on Hard.
    Killing Connoisseur (Silver): Kill 10 enemies with every firearm Syd can equip. (Melee kills don't count.)
    Trusty Sidearm (Silver): Clear the entire story using only the Revenant.
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