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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    No.1 Fan (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).
    Climbing the Ladder (Gold): Achieve division 4 in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals.
    Skill Games Legend (Gold): Get A grade across all Skill Games.
    The Champions (Gold): Win the UEFA Champions League Final.
    There Can Be Only One (Gold): Win the UEFA Champions League in The Journey.
    Game Changer (Silver): Win the FIFA Women's World Cup™ in The Journey.
    Made the Headlines (Silver): Win the UEFA Europa League Final.
    Making a Name For Yourself (Silver): Achieve your first qualification for FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League.
    Perfectionist (Silver): Win a penalty shoot-out without missing.
    Skill Games Champion (Silver): Complete all HUB Skill Games.
    Skill Games Frenzy (Silver): Complete all Multiplayer Skill Games.
    Tactics Master (Silver): Win a Game using every Offensive Style.
    You Can't Break Me Down (Silver): Win a Game using every Defensive Style.
    Aim for the Stars (Bronze): Qualify for the UEFA Champions League last 16.
    Anything You Can Do (Bronze): Successfully complete a mentor challenge in The Journey.
    Astute Tactician (Bronze): Create your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Champion (Bronze): Win a cup final.
    Cultivating Skills (Bronze): Spend a skill point in Pro Clubs.
    Deceiver (Bronze): Score a goal by tricking the keeper with a Fake Shot.
    Decision Maker (Bronze): Unlock all traits in one skill-tree path.
    Easy Peasy (Bronze): Complete your first placement match in FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals.
    Enthusiast (Bronze): Play 20 games in any game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team.
    First of Many (Bronze): Complete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Football Minded (Bronze): Score 3 headers in a Headers & Volleys Game.
    From Rags to Riches (Bronze): Complete a Weekly Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Getting the Hang of It (Bronze): Achieve Gold 3 Rank in Ultimate Team Squad Battles.
    Hoop Dream (Bronze): Score on the basketball hoop at Venice in The Journey.
    Just Getting Started (Bronze): Complete all the placement matches in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals.
    Loyalty (Bronze): Play a Kick Off match with your supported club.
    No Holding Me Back (Bronze): Win a 'No Rules' match.
    Playing in the Big League (Bronze): Win a UEFA Champions League Group Match.
    Playing the Game (Bronze): Play a women's football match.
    Quick Learner (Bronze): Complete 3 Recommended Skill Games.
    Remember the Name (Bronze): Achieve a Rank 3 or better in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals.
    Rookie (Bronze): Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match.
    Show of Skill (Bronze): Score a goal with a Flair Shot in a women's football match.
    So It Begins (Bronze): Win a game in FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Battles.
    Survival of the Fittest (Bronze): Win a 'Survival' mode match.
    Teambuilding (Bronze): Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    The Historian (Bronze): Score a left foot volley against Coventry City in The Journey.
    Timed to Perfection (Bronze): Score a goal after Timing your Shot Perfectly.
    What a Shot! (Bronze): During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out).
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