How To Survive 2

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The student surpasses the teacher (Platinum): Unlock all of the game's trophies.
    A+ in potions class! (Gold): Prepare every type of potion.
    Fashion designer (Gold): Make every type of armor.
    Professional weapon manufacturer (Gold): Make every type of weapon.
    5-star chef (Silver): Cook every type of recipe.
    Elite survivor (Silver): Successfully complete all of the elite quests.
    Indestructible fortress (Silver): Have the camp at maximum level.
    Kovac's pride and joy! (Silver): Successfully complete all of Kovac's challenges while keeping the pylon intact.
    The Good Samaritan (Silver): Finish every quest.
    The last survivor (Silver): Reach the maximum level with your character.
    Aaw, he's sooooo cute! What should I call him? (Bronze): Equip a pet for the first time.
    Adrenaline junkie (Bronze): Have all "In Danger" skills at maximum level.
    Amateur alchimist (Bronze): Prepare a first potion.
    Anti-wereinfected measures! (Bronze): Kill 100 infected with silver bullets.
    Butterfly effect (Bronze): Kill 10 infected with a Bomber explosion.
    Cat burglar (Bronze): Pick 20 locks.
    From all sides (Bronze): Finish Kovac's first challenge while keeping the pylon intact.
    Herbalist (Bronze): Pick at least one of every type of plant.
    Hi, I'm your new neighbor! (Bronze): Meet every character in the game.
    Human Swiss army knife (Bronze): Have all "Special abilities" skills at the maximum level.
    I hope the other kids will be nice to me (Bronze): Join a public camp for the first time.
    I thought that only worked in the movies! (Bronze): Pick a lock for the first time.
    In Kovac's footsteps (Bronze): Successfully complete half of Kovac's challenges while keeping the pylon intact.
    It's a trap! (Bronze): Kill 100 infected with traps.
    Kill anything that moves! (Bronze): Kill 5,000 enemies (of all types).
    King of DIY! (Bronze): Upgrade 10 weapons with modules.
    Make sure to give it back! (Bronze): Give an ally an item for the first time.
    Marathon man (Bronze): Have all "Stamina" skills at the maximum level.
    Master of survival (Bronze): Have all "Survival" skills at the maximum level.
    Night of the living dead (Bronze): Kill 50 nocturnal infected.
    Old school combat (Bronze): Kill 100 infected with flint-tipped fletched ammunition.
    Party animal (Bronze): Finish each of the game's festive quests.
    PED Survivor (Bronze): Drink 50 potions.
    Poacher (Bronze): Kill 10 infected animals of each species.
    Serial killer (Bronze): Kill 1,000 infected humans.
    Sharpshooter (Bronze): Kill 500 infected with a critical shot.
    Strength born of despair (Bronze): Kill 50 infected during a last stand.
    Thanks for helping out, bud! (Bronze): Finish your first co-operative quest (local or online).
    This outfit really brings out my eyes, don't you think? (Bronze): Customize your survivor for the first time.
    Together forever, and even longer (Bronze): Finish 15 co-operative quests (local or online).
    Two birds with one stone! (Bronze): Kill 2 or more enemies at the same time with a melee weapon.
    United we stand (Bronze): Finish Kovac's first challenge in co-operative mode (local or online).
    Veteran killer (Bronze): Have all "Weapon" skills at the maximum level.
    Weekend handyman (Bronze): Upgrade a weapon with modules for the first time.
    Welcome to Kovac's! (Bronze): Enter Kovac's bunker for the first time.
    What would become of you without me? (Bronze): Help an ally in trouble 30 times.
    ZombieQ! (Bronze): Kill at least 2 infected with one arrow or crossbow bolt.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Fashion is for clowns (Bronze): Wear the Jester's hat for the first time.
    Home Run! (Bronze): Kill an infected with a charged attack for the first time.
    Oops! Think they heard? (Bronze): Hit a car under alarm with a trash can.
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