Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): You have unlocked all trophies!
    Back from the dead! (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
    Coronation (Bronze): Gain 100% of the crowns in one quest.
    Die Sheepies (Bronze): Kill 50 sheep.
    Weapon Collector (Gold): Obtain all weapons for all characters.
    Game of Crowns (Bronze): Gain 100 crowns in-game through winning phases
    I have an army (Bronze): Have 12 of your minions active at a given moment.
    Raucous Rabble (Bronze): With four players, each summon 4 minions at the same time.
    Paramedic (Bronze): Receive the healing effect of blue minions 500 times.
    Silent Assassin (Bronze): Summon Green minions to assassinate 50 enemies
    Red go boom (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with explosive red minions.
    Honour Guard (Silver): Kill 50 enemies with defensive brown minions.
    Minion Novice (Bronze): Summon minions 50 times
    Minion Adept (Bronze): Summon minions 250 times
    Minion Master (Silver): Summon minions 500 times
    Looter (Bronze): Receive loot from minions 250 times
    Speeding is illegal (Bronze): Complete/win 100 traversal states within the time limit
    For me? (Silver): Buy all of the upgrades for one minion colour.
    Would-be-Overlord (Gold): Buy all of the upgrades for all minion colours.
    Growing strength (Silver): Buy half of one character's statue upgrades.
    Peak of evil (Silver): Buy all of one character's statue upgrades.
    The Four Horsemen (Gold): Buy all statue upgrades for all four characters.
    Suffer and burn! (Silver): Knock 20 enemies off the side of the world and into the abyss!
    Get by with a little help from your enemies (Bronze): Complete any quest in online multiplayer, with at least one other player.
    Evil will always triumph (Bronze): Kill a "boss enemy" in a multiplayer game.
    With friends like these.. (Bronze): Complete a quest in local co-op with at least 2 players present.
    King of the Tower (Silver): Finish a quest in 1st place in multiplayer

Additionally, there are 14 secret trophies:

    Prologue completion (Bronze): You completed the prologue.
    Forge Fixer (Bronze): You helped Ricket fix her forge.
    Party Crasher (Bronze): You crashed the banquet.
    Evil Residents (Bronze): You introduced the peasants to the zombies!
    Act 1 completion (Silver): You completed act 1.
    Act 2 completion (Silver): You completed act 2.
    Act 3 completion (Silver): You completed act 3.
    The Abyss Gazes Back (Bronze): Careful, we already lost one Overlord down there! I wonder what happened to him? - Gnarl.
    Troll Trouble (Bronze): You defeated the Trolls.
    Paladin Palaver (Bronze): You defeated Cedric.
    Matriarch Masher (Bronze): You defeated Clarisa.
    Void Vanquisher (Bronze): You defeated the Void Gazer.
    That Damn Unicorn (Bronze): You defeated Sparkle.
    Evil Found A Way (Gold): The plot thickens.
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