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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Gold Finger (Gold): Beat the gold time in every level.
    Brunel's Dock (Gold): Purchase and fully upgrade all ships in the game.
    Cheapskate (Silver): Play through the game without purchasing any ships or upgrades.
    The Journey (Silver): Travel 5,000,000 miles.
    High Flyer (Bronze): Hit 50 jumps.
    On The Warpath (Bronze): Destroy 400 drone ships.
    The Survivalist (Bronze): Beat 20,000 on Survival Mode.
    Social Gamer (Bronze): Win 20 multiplayer games.
    Robin Hood (Bronze): Steal 2,000 credits.
    Gold Fingers (Gold): Achieve gold time on all levels.
    Roger Dodger (Silver): Achieve 20 minutes of play without seeing the slow down message.
    Travel Bug (Silver): Travel 7,500,000 miles in the game.
    The Survivalist's 2nd Challenge (Silver): Beat 30,000 on Survival mode.
    Brunel's Last Voyage (Bronze): Upgrade the Orion ship to full specification.
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