Final Fantasy 2: Anniversary Edition


Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Art", "Bestiary", "Music Player", and "Soul Of Rebirth" options.

Card mini-game

While in the snowmobile, hold X and repeatedly press Circle until a card mini-game begins. The object is to match the images.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Seal:

    Northwest Seal: Break four seals. The fifth one will be the Boss.

    Northeast Seal: Break eight seals. The ninth one will be the Boss.

    South Seal: Break twelve seals. The thirteenth one will be the Boss.

Arcane Sanctuary

Use the following information to get the keyword or hint of the indicated stage:

    Airship: Bring back all item to the person who asked for them (Saw, Nails, Hammer) to learn "Wind".

    Aquifer: Find an Adamantoise after you talk to the man to learn the key word "Cave".

    Authority: Give Saint's Spirit and Sage's Wisdom to learn how to complete "Woodlands".

    Candelabra: Complete it.

    Cauldron: Talk to the first old man. Then, find the second old man in a cauldron to learn hints about how to clear the "Ultima Tome" stage.

    Cave: Do what the old man wants to learn the keyword "Wizard".

    Chronicles: Find the ten books to learn the keyword "Miasma".

    Cyclone: Find the secret passage near the center to learn the keyword "Giants".

    Darkness: Talk to all flames, then talk to the last flame (in the middle right) to learn the keyword "Thundercloud".

    Dense Fog: To open the first chest, talk to the man under the seal. Then, go the higher section to find a switch. Next, open the chest and return the tablets to the man to learn how to complete "Dragoons".

    Desert: Go directly to the left to fall in a pit and learn the keyword "Oasis".

    Destruction: Talk to the general, then to the mage in the bottom. Then, find the three ingredients, and talk again to the mage in the south. Talk two more times to the general to learn the keyword "Guardian".

    Dragoons: Defeat Maya, Orga, and Vishuss in that order. Then, a little boy will appear in the center of the stage and reveal hints on how to complete "Wyverns".

    Dreadnought: Talk to the soldier directly beside you, then go in the middle and drop a blizzard tome in the engine. Talk to the soldier again to learn the keyword "Aquifer".

    Ekmet Teloess: Go directly up when you start. If you talk to the boy on the left and say "Yes", you will battle a Behemoth and learn nothing. If you talk to the old man in the middle and give him what he wants, you will battle a King Behemoth and still learn nothing. However, if you talk to the soldier to the right and say "Ekmet Teloess", you will battle a Dark Behemoth. You can now learn the keyword "Woodlands" from the soldier who sent you to the Dark Behemoth.

    Fire: Talk to the woman in the middle, then find her cat on the right. Return the cat to learn the keyword "Cauldron".

    Giants: Defeat all giants, then talk to the Giant Boss to learn the keyword "Utopia".

    Goddess's Bell: Go where the bell rings faster, then search. A little shining dot will appear. Talk to the shining dot to learn the keyword "Dense Fog".

    Greed: Give the Gold Needle, Golden Shield, Golden Armor, and Gold Cuirass items to learn the keyword "Authority".

    Guardian: To complete it, talk to the guard, then to the man on your right. Next, go to the back alley on the left. Go down and to the right afterwards, and talk to the first man in white you see. Go right again, and talk to the guard again. Continue to the back road on the right, then go down and left. Talk to the guard again. Then you will see a scene with Daimon. Return to the right alley and go down again, then again to the left to talk to the guard a final time. Then, go up two streets, and left in the left alley. Then go down to the house of Daimon. Note: If you go directly to the home after the scene, the guard will already be there. After the scene in the house, go directly up to find the Light Of Hope.

    Hope: Go to the upper left room to learn the keyword "Destruction".

    Iron Bars: Find all three secret switches hidden in the wall. Then, talk to the prisoner to learn the keyword "Chronicles".

    Jade Passage: Search the bottom left waterfall to learn the keyword "Oblivion" in the chest.

    Mask: Find a way to bring the Doppelganger over to the red dot, then talk to him to learn the keyword "Tundra".

    Mercy: There is no monster in this stage. Talk to the Goddess Statue in the middle to get full heal (HP, MP, and Status).

    Miasma: Talk to the first man you see. Then, defeat the three man-monsters, and talk again with the first man to learn how to complete "Jade Passage".

    Mirror: Go to the end of the left section to learn how to complete "Darkness".

    Mysidia: Talk to the man to the left of the seal point. Then, go in the room above and say, "Yes" to the Fire Gigas. Then, give him what he wants (potion, Ether, Elixir). Talk to the goddess Status, and bring back the tablets to the man to learn the keyword "Desert".

    Mytrhil: Talk to the old man on the right of the seal, then find the good well to get Mythril. Then, return to the old man to learn the keyword "Mirror".

    Oasis: When you start, go directly up to find a flame. Talk to her and say Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y to guide her to the pillar. Talk to her again to learn how to complete "Ekmet Toloess".

    Oblivion: Talk to a woman who searches for a child. Find the child to learn keyword "Hope".

    Palamecia: Fall in different pitfall to eventually find a man. Talk to him to learn the keyword "Iron Bars".

    Sorcery: Find all five Chimera Sphinx (you do not need to use magic to kill them) to learn the keyword "Soul".

    Soul: Talk to the old man on the third tomb from where you start. Then, pass all three spirits to the tomb where he belongs. Talk to the old man again to learn the keyword "Mercy".

    Sunfire: Talk to the flame on the bottom left counter to learn how to complete "Goddess's Bell".

    Thundercloud: When you start, go directly down, then to the right to find a man. Talk to him, then walk over the lightning floor. After many steps, go back to the man to learn how to complete "Mask".

    Tracking: Complete it.

    Tundra: Do not take any chests near the beaver. At the end of the right section, talk to the beaver chief to learn the keyword "Greed".

    Ultima Tome: When you start, go directly up, then to the left to find a mage. Talk to him, and give him your "Ultima Tome" or if you do not want to lose it, give "Toad Tome" to learn the keyword "Sorcery".

    Utopia: In the middle room are twenty chests. Open them and you will eventually find a chest that will tell you how to complete "Palamecia".

    Wild Rose: Help all Rebel Soldiers, then talk to the only rebel who did not battle (near the center) to learn keyword "Tracking".

    Wind: Complete it.

    Wizard: In the upper right corner are four spheres. Talk to them, then find all four mages and kill them. Then, return to the sphere to find a girl and learn the keyword "Candelabra".

    Woodlands: Talk to the first man you see, then go in the middle section of the map, and kill a minimum of four Roundworms. Talk to the man again to learn the keyword "Fire".

    Wyverns: Find the Wyvern in the big center room, and use the item (not keyword) "Goddess's Bell". Then, use the "Pendant" item. Give him any recovery item (Potion, Hi-Potion, or Elixir) to learn the keyword "Darkness".

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