Legend Of Legaia

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled The Legaia.

Hidden FMV sequence

Wait at the title screen for around 30 seconds and a hidden FMV sequence will begin. -From: delorenz@EPIX.NET

    Getting the Meta, Ozma, Terra, and Juggernaut spells

    To get the character's Ra-Seru spell, go to the Genesis Tree in which the character first got their Ra-Seru; but you must do it after Songi is defeated in the Seru-kai or it will not work. Here is where each character must go:

    Vahn: Sol Tower's Basement Genesis Tree (Since Rim Elm is destroyed)
    Noa: Mt. Rikumoa
    Gala: East Voz Forest

    To get the Juggernaut Spell, go to Ratayu after defeating Songi in the Seru-kai. Then, go to Van Saryu, get the Evil Seru Key, and use it to get into the basement of Ratayu, (where Van Saryu was fought). At the end of the corridor is a chest that contains the Evil Talisman. Equip it to get the Juggernaut spell. The Talisman also gives Encounter Rate Decrease.

    Getting honey

    There is a hidden opponent in the southwest tree in Rim Elm. It is a Queen Bee and thee other bees. It is recommend that you are at least level 15 before fighting them. Defeat them to find the honey, which will increase all stats by 4.

    Platinum card

    After you save Drake Castle and talk to the king, go to the upper left room from the throne is located. Search the wall to find the platinum card, it allows you to buy special items at certain shops.

    Point card

    After saving Rim-Elm, check the drawer upstairs in the item shop. The card will give you a 5% discount and can be used as a weapon.

    Research center password

    The password to Dr. Usha's research center is X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square.

    Getting the tackle box

    When the mist covers Vidna (city with the windmills), go to the beach and get the tackle box from where the two teens were located.

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