Suikoden 4 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Suikoden 4 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Suikoden 4

Note: This game is also titled Genso Suikoden 4 .

New Game+

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Successfully complete the game, then start a new game from your cleared game file. You will begin with your previously earned money and items, except for certain plot items. The entire map will be available. You can also select a new person to lead your party and press X to skip the intermission sequences.

Alternate ending sequence

Successfully complete the game with all 108 Stars of Destiny collected to view an alternate ending sequence.

Alternate pictures

Note: Save the game before attempting this trick. When you first go to the deserted island after your ship is wrecked, keep answering repeatedly that you want to live there. You will skip a few scenes and lose Lilin, but the pictures of the characters will turn to badly drawn black and white versions.

Easy money

After recruiting Warlock, you can return to the underground passageway where you found him and fight the Boss of that area as many times as desired. The Land Dragon will be located in the same location as the first time, directly in front of Warlock’s lab. Defeating the Land Dragon will result in 8000 Potch. After defeating it use your Hand Mirror to teleport back to Middleport and repeat the process as many times as desired.

After you liberate Middleport from the Kooluk, this is one of the stops. At the trading posts there are an item called Pearls. They cost around 2,500 Potch each. Get all you can. Then, go to Na-Nal Island Harbor and pick them up for around 3,000 Potch each. Then, set a course for Mordo Island and sell your pearls for 7,000 to 8,500 Potch each. It is worth it in the long run. For examples, get 5 Pearls from Middleport (spend approximately 12,500 Potch) and 3 Pearls from Na-Nal (spending 9,000 Potch). Also, the numbers always differ depending on Trading Posts, and the time difference between visits. The default number of Pearls for Na-Nal and Middleport is two, but there can be up to eight. You have spent 21,500 Potch. Go to Mordo Island and sell them for an average of 7,500 Potch. This gives you 60,000 Potch. Also the Pearl Crab enemy has a rare item awarding of a Pearl. That is a free 7,000 to 8,500 Potch advance, once you have sold it at Mordo Island.

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Getting Helmut

Ask Helmut to join you after the ship battle to retake Razril.

Getting Jeane

At Na-Nal Island, talk to the people in town to learn that a Rune Master is staying at the Rune Shop. Go to the Rune Shop and ask the clerk to see the Rune Master. Ask Jeane to join you, and she will.

Getting Snowe

After getting all of the other 107 characters, go to Mordo Island. Talk to the man there, and he will say that he saw something floating in the water. Go west of Mordo Island to find Snowe clinging to a log. Ask him to join you and he will do so. Note: You must have spared Snowe’s life by asking him to join you the previous two times that you saw him.

Rare items

Some of the best items can be found under the bargain item choice at the shops. The bargain item is offered at all equipment and armor shops. The items are random, but occasionally a rare item will appear (for example, the Thunder God’s Garb, Pirate’s Boots, and Master’s Wristbands).

Recurring Boss fights

When you revisit the Deserted Island where you were stranded for three days and inside the Obel Ruins are two particularly difficult Boss fights. The one where you fought a boss called “Boss Crab” has been replaced with a recurring boss called “Ancient Crab.” He is atleast twenty times tougher than Boss Crab, with 12,000 HP and nasty stats and attacks. Once you defeat the Ancient Crab you can leave the area (not the whole island) and return. He will be there again. Also, the Ancient Crab is by far one of the only monsters that will drop a Fire Rune piece. If your Hero, or anyone has that equipped, consider racking up a few wins against this beast to get a few of them. The bad one is the Killer Golem of Obel Ruins. He also reoccurs each time you leave Obel Ruins (the grassy part after the maze). His attacks are worse than Ancient Crab and he hits harder, also having 12,000 HP. Both are just 1,000 HP short of the final Boss of the game. However, the rewards are worth it. Ancient Crab will drop a quarter million Potch and Killer Golem will drop 30,000 Potch. If you are a hardcore gamer, have one of your party with a Prosperity Rune, have someone like Gunter in your support slot to watch those numbers at least double. Note: These bosses are just optional, and for a particular side quest, Killer Golem is avoidable; just walk around him.

Defeating the Angel Hairball

Make sure you have Ted in your party. Also have two good rune users or two powerful people. Go to the Bath 3 floor of your ship. Take a bath after you do that. Go to Iluya. Go through the entrance, then look at the left. You will see the treasure box. When you open it, make sure all of your characters’ health is full. The Angel Hairball will come out of the treasure box. Use all of your runes for your hero. Use the Punish Ment Orb, The Eternal Ordeal, and for the other two use the most powerful ones that you have. For Ted, use the last power of his special rune. The Angel Hairball will still be alive. Use the other runes that are still remaining. For your hero, use the Eternal Ordeal again. For the other two, use the most powerful or second to the most powerful. For Ted, use the first power of his special rune. The Angel Hairball should now be dead. You will get nice items. Go back to your ship, take a bath again, then go back to kill the second Angel Hairball. It is in the destroyed town or village not sure anymore (the first one to the right, in a treasure box again). Additionally, to defeat the Angel Hairball before you have Ted, equip one person with Mother Earth Rune and another person with Thunder Rune. Use the best spell of both runes immediately, and have the other two people feed the rune-equipped people Mushrooms. Only the Thunder Rune will do any damage.

Defeating the giant tree

The following is an easy way to defeat the final Boss in the game. Have good armor and maxed out weapons for your party. Have everyone in your party at level 65 or above, and one of the four be Ted. For Ted, have a Wizard Rune. For Hero, have a Double-Strike Rune. The other two should have a good magic user with a Water Rune for healing, and another hard hitter such as Lino En Kueldos. Focus first on the two seeds due to the fact they will heal the giant tree. After killing them, use Ted’s best spell on the tree for two rounds. Then, use his spell of 600 damage every round after that. Use your Water Rune to heal from time to time and have your two fighters attack every round. The tree should die quickly.

Old Book locations

    Old Book Volume 1: Treasure Hunt, Map #2.
    Old Book Volume 2: Tops Mini-game, 10 wins.
    Old Book Volume 3: Bartholomew’s house on Nay Island, treasure chest.
    Old Book Volume 4: Na-Nal prison Cell, treasure chest.
    Old Book Volume 5: Win the Mouse Catching, Average mice count; Slippery floor.
    Old Book Volume 6: Nay Island Inn, by the bookshelf, near the counter.
    Old Book Volume 7: Destoryed Illuya Island plaza, treasure chest.
    Old Book Volume 8: Middleport Underground, bookshelf where Warlock is found.
    Old Book Volume 9: Razril Hall of Knights, treasure chest.
    Old Book Volume 10: Win the Mouse Catching, Large mice count; Slippery floor.

Window Set locations

    Window Set 1: Net Fishing, Obel ocean area.
    Window Set 2: Obel Ruins, treasure chest.
    Window Set 3: Tops Mini-game, five wins.
    Window Set 4: Mordo Island Docks, treasure chest.
    Window Set 5: Treasure Hunt, Map #7.
    Window Set 6: Net Fishing, Razril ocean area.
    Window Set 7: Win Mouse catching, Extra Large mouse count; Normal floor.
    Window Set 8: Net Fishing, Obel ocean area.
    Window Set 9: Talk to liberated Razril citizens in the Back Alley in Razril.

Ship Canvas locations

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    Canvas 1: The Default Ship look.
    Canvas 2: Found in a treasure chest inside the Middleport Underground.
    Canvas 3: Treasure Hunting, Map 15.
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