S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International



Free credits

Enter the map area where you can select a location (Hanger, Mechanic, etc.) to travel. Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise quickly to move up. You will earn more credits the higher you move (10, then 100, and finally 1,000 credits). This can only be done once per day for a maximum of 1,110 credits every time.

Easy credits

Use the following trick to start Story mode with 1,616,320 credits. Start a Story mode game and select Las Vegas as the starting city. Note: This trick might work in other cities as well, but is untested. Pass the FIRA exam. Use the "Next Day" option in Hard-Wired to move forward in time and use the following actions to get a ton of credits:

    Day 004: Go to The Mechanist and buy as much Ventuno Stock (in Option Mods) as you can. It should cost 4,664 credits each.

    Day 011: Sell your Ventuno Stock. You now have 269,604 credits.

    Day 012: Buy Solid State Stock. It should cost 8,805 credits.

    Day 032: Sell Solid State Stock. You now have 468,924.

    Day 037: Buy Ventuno Stock. It should cost 6,045 credits.

    Day 041: Sell Ventuno Stock. You now have 541,304 credits.

    Day 047: Buy Solid State Stock. It should cost 11,932 credits.

    Day 058: Sell Solid State Stock. You should have 646,424 credits. Buy Ventuno Stock. It should cost 3,527 credits.

    Day 067: Sell Ventuno Stock. You should have 1,135,400 credits. Buy Solid State Stock. It should cost 12,793 credits.

    Day 076: Sell Solid State Stock. You should have 1,616,320 credits.

The actual Day you start doing battle in the arena does not seem to affect the game at all. Note: This process can be continued to create as many starting credits as desired. Just like in the real-world stock market, buy low, sell high and you will make money.

Secret SVs

The following SVs only appear at the indicated location and day:

    Molniya: Sttutgart Day 48
    Ardito: London Day 76
    Elint: Tokyo Day 77

Chip attributes

Different Chips have different strengths. For a good Chip so you do not have to worry about buying multiple Chips and finding out they all do not really work with a design, use the following guidelines:

    Chips like the BIRD series are best at home with sniper units, due to the long sight and lock range.

    Chips like the WOLF and/or DOG series, are all around, and will shape toward your actions in battle. The only difference between the WOLF and DOG Chips is that WOLF learns faster.

    DOLPHIN is at home with a quick unit such as the PROTON. This can also be said for the MOUSE Chip.

Easy D rank completion

Go to the mechanist and try to buy the Carro. If you are lucky, you will get a cheap SV with an OC generator. This was only tried on the Liberties server, but it might work on other servers. After you buy a Carro, go to Edgeworks and set the legs to Heavy 4, body to Heavy 1, and whatever your weapons are (if you replaced your Carro's weapons) to Heavy 1. If you do not have enough money, fight in Free or D rank a few times to pump it up. Go to Hard-Wired after you are done upgrading. You will meet with JJ and DD. After the sequence, depending if you are on a D rank day or not, you can fight. However, it is recommended to skip a few days ahead and go to a Free fight day. Once there, you can get over 50,000 in C credits alone, but only if you can survive long enough to steal all credit crates at the helipads (giant glowing "H"s). After getting your first win, go back to upgrading your unit's Armor value at the Edgeworks. If you have already done that, go to the Chip shop and buy a WOLF Chip. Any Chip is fine, but Wolf 2 seems to be the best for the Carro. Then, buy the OC TB if you do not have it. Skip a few days ahead to one of the D rank rumbles and enter it. Your unit should be so powerful, most of them should not stand a chance. However, be careful. A lot of units like to get behind you, but are too dumb to actually accomplish it at this rank.

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