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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Fifty Deep (50 points): Unlock the first 50 players.
    First Taste of Victory (50 points): Win your first game.
    Hail Mary (50 points): Score from your backcourt without using a lottery pick..
    The Gold Standard (50 points): Reach gold level with one player.
    Your Pain, My Gain (50 points): Activate 5 Lottery Picks in the same game.
    Aerial Attack Ace (50 points): Execute 50 alley-oops.
    Buzzer Beater Boss (50 points): Score at the last second.
    Bad Slama Jama (50 points): Score 100 dunks.
    Deadly From Downtown (100 points): Score 150 three-pointers.
    Bracket Beast (100 points): Win all 6 initial tournaments.
    Keep It 100 (100 points): Unlock the first 100 players.
    Rise to the Challenge (100 points): Unlock all tournament challenges.
    Earn a Buck Fiddy (200 points): Unlock the first 150 players.
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