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Will Rockstar Continue Making Third Person Games?

Studio clears the air regarding future releases.

Cast Your Vote for PlayStation’s Game of the Year

Nominees for Sony’s year-end awards recently announced.

Avengers Director Joss Whedon Talks The Vision in Age of Ultron

New details from the set of the upcoming sequel revealed by director himself.

Telltale Developing Minecraft Story Mode!

New Minecraft game will be stand-alone project, not an add-on to the current game.

GTA V Dev Plans to Announce Official PC Specs Very Soon

Players can transfer GTA Online characters from consoles to the PC version, too.

Nintendo Promises More GameCube Adapters for Wii U

It’s not yet known when exactly this new stock will be available in stores.

The PS4 is Perfect for Holiday Couch Co-op

The PS4 is the winner when it comes to enjoying couch coop with friends and family this time of year, and these games prove it.

Judge Approves False Advertising Lawsuit Against Killzone: Shadow Fall

The lawsuit can now proceed to trial, but the plaintiff might not get any money out of it.

3DS Sales Clearly Leading Up to New 3DS

Do all these 3DS and 2DS sales seem a little coincidental to you?

Parable of the Polygons Models Segregation Through a Flash Game

Learn how communities become segregated with shapes.

Final Fantasy XV - English Trailer

An English trailer for the much anticipated Final Fantasy XV.

Life Is Strange - Debut Trailer

Life Is Strange looks very interesting.

Evolve - Stalker Trailer

A closer look at Evolve.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Heists Trailer

A look at the heists mode in Grand Theft Auto V Online.

Until Dawn - Gameplay Demo

More gameplay for Until Dawn.

Street Fighter V - Extended Gameplay Trailer

More gameplay from Street Fighter V.

DMC: Devil May Cry - Definitive Edition Trailer

DmC is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.

LittleBigPlanet Gets Frozen

Dress up your sackboys as Elsa and Anna.

Square-Enix Reveals Trailer for Life Is Strange

What would you do with the power to change the past?

WWE 2k15 Gets DLC Wrestlers

Now you can play as wrestlers from the WCW... and Sting!

Gabe Newell Resurrects Hatred on Steam

Murder simulator back on Greenlight.

The Weekly PlayStation Store Update Features Discounts and More

Find Dragon Age DLC and more for your digital stocking stuffer needs.

Sony’s Week 3 Holiday Sale Details Revealed!

Sale ends next Monday, December 22.

Will Next Pirates of the Caribbean Film Be A Total Reboot?

Actor suggests a return of absent Will Turner character into leading role.