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New Star Wars Trailer Coming to Select Theaters Friday

A small 1 and ½ minute teaser set to run all weekend long!

Head of 343 Industries Apologizes for Master Chief Woes

An upcoming content update looks to correct matchmaking issues once and for all.

Major Nelson Wants to Send YOU to the 2014 Video Game Awards!

Be one of the first 100 through the door of the Vegas Microsoft Store to win big!

PlayStation Games That Will Brighten Your Turkey Day!

These titles will have you dropping your drum sticks and grabbing your DualShocks in no time!

Super Smash Bros. Breaks Wii U Sales Records

Nintendo says it has surprises in store for this holiday season.

Fire at Nintendo Repair Warehouse Effects Repair Orders

Anyone whose product was lost will be getting a free replacement.

Gearbox isn't Writing Tales from the Borderlands' Dialogue: "Telltale’s just better at that"

Telltale was given the task of writing the series’ dialogue, because Gearbox believed that The Walking Dead developer was just better at it.

Tales from the Borderlands Releases Today

Return to Pandora and BLOW THINGS UP!!!

Kickstarter Removes Game That Draws Real Blood

No reason given for it's suspension.

GTA V's First Cell Phone Cheat Discovered on PS4 / Xbox One

It’s been a week since Grand Theft Auto finally made its way onto current-gen consoles after just over a year of waiting, and already the first cell phone cheat has been discovered for the game.

PayPal Allegedly Lets Slip on Upcoming Steam Autumn Sale

According to a supposedly accidently leak on behalf of PayPal, Steam will soon be tempting you to empty your wallets again, because the digital distribution client’s Autumn sale is reportedly starting tomorrow on Wednesday, November 26.

Telltale Releases Mac / PC Specs for Game of Thrones

With its impending release day, Telltale’s Game of Thrones has appeared on Steam, and along with it comes included the minimum specs for both PC and Mac users.

There Are No Bad Console Choices This Holiday

With all the crazy seasonal deals floating around the gaming world right now, it may be hard for some to know exactly which is the right choice. Lucky for you, there is no wrong one.

Walmart Gets Scammed by Online PS4 Sellers

Now you can no longer get a PS4 for less than $100.

The PS4 Could Finally Kill the Wii U

It seems Sony has suddenly smelled Nintendo’s blood in the water and looks to sink a knife in the back of their once close compadre.

The Tale of the Masked Smasher

Who was that mysterious masked tournament winner?

Redbox Raising Game Rental Prices

Will people pay more for hardcopy rentals?

Hatoful Boyfriend Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Date those pidgeons! DATE THEM!

Halo Franchise Director Admits Fault with Master Chief Collection

Whilst 343 Industries has delivered a patch to fix these problems, the studio has been honest about them, and the Halo franchise development director, Frank O’Connor, has also acknowledged them and has transparently explained what happened to cause them.

Sony Confirms No Hacker Infiltration into PlayStation Network

In light of the recent alleged hacking and leaked customer login information across a few social networks, Sony has confirmed that its PlayStation Network was not compromised following independent investigation.

Destiny Fan Details The Dark Below New Raid Gear, Upgrades and Items

The list of new items, weapons and gear focus on raid armor presumably rewarded from the “Crota’s End” raid, another raid to add to the current line up of in-game raids (which currently just includes one: Vault of Glass).

DayZ Dev Approves and Supports 2D Fan Tribute

Even though the actual DayZ game is still in development, one fan has taken it upon themselves to create a pretty nifty tribute to the game, which is a 2D top-down re-imagining of the survival game presented in retro-style graphics.