Deadstorm Pirates


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Cleared Stormy Sea (Bronze): Clear the Stormy Sea in Arcade.
      Cleared Mountain Stream (Bronze): Clear the Mountain Stream.
      Cleared Cave (Bronze): Clear the Cave in Arcade.
      Cleared Great Whirlpool (Bronze): Clear the Great Whirlpool in Arcade.
      Cleared Treasure (Bronze): Clear the Treasure in Arcade.
      A New Beginning (Bronze): Register a score in Ranking Mode.
      Synchronized Shooting (Bronze): Reach a Teamwork Level of 100%.
      Davy Jones' Locker (Bronze): Reach a total of 10000 kills.
      And a Bottle of Rum (Bronze): Obtain a YO-HO-HO rating while manning the helm.
      Navigator of the High Seas (Silver): Obtain an S rank in all stages.
      Captain of the Seas (Silver): Clear all stages in Ranking Mode from Stormy Sea onward.
      Sharpshooter (Silver): Obtain a 'Nice Combination!' rating 100 times.
      Ruler of the Seven Seas (Gold): Clear all stages in Arcade Mode from Stormy Sea onward without continues.

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