Final Fantasy 10 HD Remaster

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  • Airship bonuses and destinations

    After getting the airship, enter one of the following passwords when selecting a destination to get the corresponding item:

      Auron's Muramasa katana: Enter "MURASAME" as a password.
      Rikku's Godhand Celestial weapon: Enter "GODHAND" as a password.
      Rikku's Victorious armor: Enter "VICTORIOUS" as a password.

    You can also enter one of the following coordinates to travel to the corresponding destination:

      Baaj Temple: X11, Y57
      Besaid Falls: X29, Y73
      Mi'ihen Ruins: X33, Y55
      Omega Ruins: X69, Y33
      Sanubia Sands: X12, Y41

  • Bonus Aeons

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Aeon:

      Anima: Solve the Destruction Sphere puzzle in all five main Cloisters of Trials, then go to the Baaj Temple.
      The Magus Sisters: Unlock all other Aeons, visit Belgemine in Remiem Temple, and defeat all her Aeons (Celestial Mirror required).
      Yojimbo: Reach the end of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Completion (Platinum): Obtain all available trophies.
      Speaking in Tongues (Bronze): Find 1 Al Bhed Primer.
      Teamwork! (Bronze): Win a blitzball match.
      The Right Thing (Bronze): Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials.
      A Talent for Acquisition (Bronze): Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times.
      All Together (Bronze): All party members come together.
      Heartstrings (Bronze): View the "Underwater Date" scene.
      Show Off! (Bronze): Win a blitzball tournament.
      Striker (Bronze): Learn the Jecht shot.
      Chocobo License (Bronze): Pass all chocobo training.
      Lightning Dancer (Bronze): Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the reward.
      Feel the Pain (Bronze): Obtain Anima.
      It's All About the Money (Bronze): Obtain Yojimbo.
      Delta Attack! (Bronze): Obtain Magus Sisters.
      Theater Enthusiast (Bronze): Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater.
      Chocobo Rider (Bronze): Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0.
      Power Strike (Bronze): Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack.
      Under the Table (Bronze): Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes.
      Messenger from the Past (Bronze): Obtain all Jecht Spheres.
      Mega Strike (Silver): Deal 99999 damage with one attack.
      Chocobo Master (Silver): Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the race.
      Sphere Master (Silver): Complete a Sphere Grid for one character.
      Blitzball Master (Silver): Unlock all slot reels.
      Learning! (Silver): Learn to use all enemy abilities.
      Summon Master (Silver): Obtain all Aeons.
      Weapon Master (Silver): Obtain all Celestial Weapons.
      Master Linguist (Gold): Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers.
      Perfect Sphere Master (Gold): Complete the Sphere Grids for all main characters.
      Perseverance (Gold): Defeat Penance.
      Overcoming the Nemesis (Gold): Defeat Nemesis.
      A Journey's Catalyst (Silver): View "Eternal Calm".

    Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

      Overcoming the Past (Bronze): Defeat Yunalesca.
      The Destination of Hatred (Bronze): Defeat Seymour Omnis.
      The Eternal Calm (Gold): Defeat Yu Yevon.

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