Narco Terror


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Upgrade (Bronze): Upgrade a weapon.
      Fully Upgraded (Bronze): Upgrade all weapons.
      Some Like it Hot (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with grenades.
      Pieces of You (Bronze): Kill 6 enemies with a single grenade.
      Starting a collection (Bronze): Find 5 collectables.
      The Collector (Bronze): Find all the collectables.
      It's done (Bronze): Complete the game on any difficulty.
      Hardcore (Bronze): Complete the game on hardcode difficulty.
      Warm up (Bronze): Complete Mission 01.
      BFFs (Bronze): Play Co-Op mode for 5 minutes.
      A Taste of Blood (Bronze): Kill 150 enemies.
      Don't get close (Bronze): Melee kill 10 enemies.
      Unpopular (Bronze): Kill 3,000 enemies in total.
      Bombing Run (Bronze): Destroy 5 ground enemies with your aircraft.
      Invincible (Bronze): Complete a vehicle minigame without getting hit.
      Survivalist (Bronze): Complete any mission without dying.
      A Fistful of Dollars (Bronze): Earn 15,000 dollars.
      The Specialist (Bronze): Use all special ammo and weapons.
      I hope you have insurance (Bronze): Destroy 50 vehicles.

    Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

      Welcome to the Jungle (Bronze): Get to South America.
      Old Friends (Bronze): Meet Delgado for the first time.

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