Dragon Fin Soup



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Dragon Fin Soup! (Platinum): Collect all of the trophies.
    Ultimate Survivalist (Gold): Complete Survival Mode.
    Minotaur's Apprentice (Gold): Uncover 11,111 Tiles in Labryinth Mode.
    Hero (Gold): Complete Story Mode.
    Angel of Death (Silver): Die 100 Times.
    100% Wool (Gold): Unlock the Adventerous Sheep!
    Moneybags (Silver): Collect 1,000,000 Gold.
    Necromancer (Gold): Unlock the Undead Warriors!
    Emancipator (Silver): Unlock Morgiana!
    Beast Master (Silver): Collect 5 different pets.
    Jack o' Trades (Gold): Craft 100 Different Items.
    Executioner (Silver): Kill 666 Enemies.
    Fishing Master (Gold): Catch one of each type of Fish.
    Drunken Master (Silver): Go on 50 Drunken Rampages.
    Calamari Destroya (Gold): Defeat the Kraken.
    Big Boner (Silver): Kill 100 Skeletons.
    Rune Master (Silver): Complete 20 Rune games.
    Master Looper (Silver): Create a large Loop of 21 tiles.
    Loggerhead (Silver): Create a tree fall combo of 4.
    Badass (Silver): Kill 4 foes at the same time.
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