Dance! Dance! Dance!

  • Play as Yumi

    Note: The audio CD "The Twister" by Viper is required for this trick. Replace the game disc with "The Twister" CD after the game starts. Then, Yumi will be available.

    Game Shark Codes

    P1 Always Hot (Super Groovin)800B06C8 00FF
    P1 Maximum Groove Meter80060F0C 008A
    80060F1C 008A
    P2 No Groove Meter80060F6C 0000
    P2 Keeps Making Mistakes800AE4D0 0000
    800AE4D0 0001
    P2 Never Gets Super Groove800A51C8 0000
    P2 Never Gets Combo Points at The End of Dance800E2AE4 0000
    800E2D40 0000
    800E2EF8 0000
    800E2CD8 0000
    800E2B00 0000
    800E2E74 0000
    800E2E7C 0000
    800E2CD0 0000

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