24-hour Bundles return to Humble Bundle

24-hour Bundles return to Humble Bundle

As detailed to me in a PR email on Monday, July 14, Humble Bundle has announced the return of the Humble Daily Bundles, which has been now renamed to the “Humble Flash Bundle”.

Having originally launched last May, the Humble Daily Bundles were Humble Bundle’s first experiment in running one-day bundle promotions. For thereafter, a new Humble Daily Bundle was released everyday for two weeks, and it included the re-bundling of some popular promotions of previous bundles, such as the Humble Deep Silver Bundle and the Humble Indie Bundle 8.

These weekly, time-limited bundles will now go on sale for pay-what-you-want every Monday for 24 hours only. Once you miss a Humble Flash Bundle, you’ll have to wait until another Monday comes along in order to take advantage of more deals again.

This week’s Monday, started off the Humble Flash Bundle launch with a handful of titles from Codemasters. Typical of Humble Bundle sales, if you pay more than X amount you’ll also unlock another handful of titles for you to enjoy.

Even though its already passed, this Humble Flash Bundle for week’s Monday has been detailed below.

Customers can name their price for:

  • Overlord

  • Overlord: Raising Hell DLC

  • Operation Flashpoint: Red River

  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising , and

  • Rise of the Argonauts

Those who pay $6 or more will also receive:

  • DiRT Showdown

  • DiRT 3 , and

  • Overlord II

The next rotation of games for the Humble Flash Bundle starts up next Monday, July 21, which will be displayed on the official Humble Bundle website .

Back in late June, we established that the Humble Store reached the milestone of raising $1 million for charity since it launched back in November, 2013.

We’ll bring you more news on Humble Bundle sales should further information reach our ears.

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