Another Day, Another GTA Update (And Reason to Love This Game)

Another Day, Another GTA Update (And Reason to Love This Game)

Just when you thought Grand Theft Auto Online couldn’t get any more addictive, Rockstar Games has come through with a new update to prove it’s only getting started. For those of you who get your kicks from intense PvP action, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new highly competitive Adversary Mode that looks and plays like something out of an action movie. If cruising down the streets of Los Santos in a pimped-out ride sounds more like your thing, Rockstar has you covered on that front as well. In a recent press release, Rockstar Games also teased a sweet, bonus multiplayer weekend along with some special items due out in a couple of weeks. Before we get to all of that, this is what you can look forward to after the latest update:

Drop Zone

This is definitely the main attraction, and the reason you’ll want to hop back on GTA Online tonight. Drop Zone is a new, team-based Adversary Mode that puts you in a squad of four paratroopers. Each match begins with four teams jumping our of their respective planes and gliding toward a common patch of land that you all want to control. You’ll want to communicate with your team and land at just the right spot to plan your attack. Maybe two of you rush to hold the objective while the other two hold some high ground and pick off attackers. Maybe you say “screw it” and all four of you drop right into the middle of a contested hot-spot and rely on your weapons to do the communicating.

However you go about it, this mode is chaotic, fast, and fun. With up to 16 players continually dropping from the skies to fight over a small patch of terra firma, there will be no shortage of tide-changing kills and frantic attempts to hold the objective. The first team to hold the drop zone for two non-continuous minutes wins. There are five drop zone map which can be found at Pillbox Hill, Richman College, Elysian Island, the Mirror Park cul-de-sac, and the Sisyphus Theater.

Your Boy Benny Has Some New Upgrades for You

Sure, it can be satisfying to tear a helpless pedestrian from his or her sedan and take it for a little joyride, but true satisfaction comes from taking to the streets in your own sweet ride. Your boy Benny has some new upgrades for two new sports cars that are worth checking out. Players will want to head over to bennysoriginalmotorworks.com to check out the updated Stock section. There you can pick up the Karin Sultan or the Bravado Banshee, both of which can be taken to Benny’s garage for upgrades. The result will be one of two new, high-performance, wide-body race cars: the Karin Sultan RS and the Bravado Banshee 900R. Further modifications can be made to beef up your ride to compete with top tier Supercars.

Another Day, Another GTA Update (And Reason to Love This Game)

What’s next?

Like I said, Rockstar has teased an upcoming Event Weekend which will afford the opportunity to earn double GTA$ and RP, and will feature in-game discounts. It seems we’re also due for some Valentine’s Day items. According to the press release, next month we’re to “…keep an eye out for some items you’re sure to fall in love with.” I have no idea what that means, but knowing Rockstar I’m sure it’ll be inappropriate or destructive – or both. You can keep your ear to the ground and stay up to date by checking out the Rockstar Newswire .

So far the Drop Zone gameplay looks intense. Who among you have already conquered as king of the hill? Sound off in the comments if you have any war stories or any footage you want to share. Pictures and footage of your tricked out rides are also welcome; make Benny proud.

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