Best Gamer April Fools’ Gags: 2019 Edition

Best Gamer April Fools’ Gags: 2019 Edition

April Fools’ Day 2019 has come and gone, and it was quite a trip! Everyone was trying to fool everyone else online. ( We even got in on the action !) But which gags deserved the most kudos? Which tricks did you maybe miss? Let’s check out CheatCC’s round-up of the best gags that appeared this year. There were some great ones!

Best Playable “Games”

Some of the best gags for April Fools’ Day 2019 involved letting people actually play through new experiences. Google added Snake to Google Maps, continuing the tradition of gamifying the thing you are using to find your way around cities. Dragalia Lost turned into a shoot’em up starring Notte the fairy the first time you logged into it. Rainbow Six Siege got decidedly more pastel with Rainbow is Magic, an event that made things bright, colorful, and happy as people could participate in a teddy bear escort quest until April 8, 2019. There was even a Fate/Grand Order Quest RPG for mobile devices!

The Battle Royales

Everybody was joking about their games or series getting a battle royale mode or release. Sega had the alleged 1,000 player Sonic Royale with Sonic the Hedgehog characters and a Game Gear companion app. Did you like Payday ? Well, Overkill Software teased Payday Royale. Cuisine Royale had people looking for equipment and body parts to attach to your avatar so you could actually use them.

Best Cross-over Pranks

There were quite a few April Fools’ 2019 video game gags that involved cross-overs. Or, well, things that seemed like they could have been cross-overs. For Honor is Ubisoft’s game about warring legendary factions. Well, this year, the Rabbids appeared as an army that would invade the game. Yeah, Rabbids fighting samurai, knights, and vikings was pretty great. There was a Pop Team Epic gag that added its heroines to Final Fantasy XV. Katsuhiro Harada was supposedly coming to Tekken 7 . Also, WayForward ‘s tease about having a crossover with shadowy characters that looked like a Pikachu, Piranha Plant, Pac-Man, and Sackboy turned out to be adjusted artwork for its Shantae series’ existing characters.

Fake Products Galore

Do you feel like you need some new oddities in your life? Well, lots of companies had fake things for people to “buy.” Square Enix had Omega, the Final Fantasy XIV “smart” assistant that would offer tips for your daily life. ThinkGeek really went above and beyond this year, though. It offered things like a fake Kirby Robot Vaccuum , a Bean Bag Onesie that is a onesie with a bean bag built into the butt, and a Captain Marvel Universal Pager . I think that’s the first time a pager has ever been cool.

Best Gamer April Fools’ Gags: 2019 Edition

Finally, the Videos

As expected, lots of places came out with incredible videos for April Fools’ Day 2019. Some of the fake ads and presentations were pretty great.  But, we’ve whittled them down to the three best.

First is IGN’s “Everything is coming to the Nintendo Switch” fake Nintendo Direct.

Here is the Final Fantasy XIV Omega assistant.

Finally, here are the life-size PlayStation 25th anniversary keychains.

Which April Fools’ 2019 tricks were your favorite this year?

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