Best Iconic Monsters in the Final Fantasy Series, Ranked

Final Fantasy II concept art

Best Iconic Monsters in the Final Fantasy Series, Ranked

Considering how much time players spend in every Final Fantasy game battling against enemies to gain experience and grow their party, in follows that there are some incredibly iconic and recognizable monsters that reappear in each game. Like Dragon Quest before it, Final Fantasy has some truly phenomenal enemy and monster designs coming from the imagination of legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano, and several of them rear their ugly heads in every game in the series. Chocobos, Moogles, and especially the nostalgia-triggering flame-like Bomb enemies are series staples that players practically expect to see in every new mainline game in the franchise.

In order to determine the most iconic monsters in the Final Fantasy franchise, it’s important to consider a few factors. First, one has to take into account the creature’s longevity across the series as well as how often they reappear across the 16 mainline games. Second, whether these creatures are friend or foe, they should be recognizable enough to serve as the face of the series, or at least be part of its iconography in a substantial way. Each of the monsters on this list are core creatures in the world of Final Fantasy and are every bit as central to the series as the Crystal motif.

10. Imp/Goblin

Although the later games in the series may call them Goblins, those who have been fans of Final Fantasy since the series’ beginnings will instantly recognize these monsters as Imps. Typically the first enemy type that players fight, these diminutive creatures have a telltale deformed appearance and usually wield a blade. The Imp is an iconic foe in the Final Fantasy bestiary, being the enemy that players will grind through for a substantial amount of time to gain some early-game levels before entering the first proper dungeon with a bit of an advantage. They may amount to little more than cannon fodder as players are getting their feet wet, but Final Fantasy‘s Imps and Goblins are an important stepping stone to adventure.

9. Coeurl

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay

Another enemy charting multiple repeat appearances across the series from the very first to the very latest, the Coeurl is traditionally a mid-game foe that presents as one of the more challenging random encounters for players to find themselves up against. These fearsome felines are known for their long whiskers and tail, which they use to inflict a variety of debilitating status effects, including the notorious “Blaster” move that can paralyze party members. Like the real-world leopards and other large cats that the Coeurl takes its appearance from, these monsters are ferocious fiends not to be taken lightly. The Coeurl is a definitively iconic monster from the Final Fantasy series’ history.

8. Ahriman

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay

First appearing in Final Fantasy III, the Ahriman is an unmistakable creature with a striking appearance. A giant circular creature with a large single eyeball and wings like a bat, simply encountering an Ahriman in any Final Fantasy game is alarming. To make matters worse, these fiends are capable of inflicting the Doom status effect on players, creating a dread-inducing countdown for players to press the enemy before Doom countdown expires and they die. After Final Fantasy III, there are several instances of different versions of the Ahriman existing across the series that serve as boss enemies, inflicting Doom on the entire party at the start of the encounter and forcing a dire race against the clock.

7. Tonberry

Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay

Few enemies in the Final Fantasy series are as iconic, or as deadly, as the Tonberry. Their diminutive, turtle-like appearance belying their threat level, the Tonberry looks like an unassuming enemy only to eventually inflict massive damage on the party through its notorious “Grudge” attack, which often inflicts the maximum amount of damage possible. To make encountering them even more stressful, the Tonberry appears on screen at a distance, slowly approaching the party and giving off a sense of impending doom. They may be somewhat cute and look like they should be friendly Final Fantasy creatures along with the Moogle and Chocobo, but the Tonberry are nothing of the sort.

6. Malboro

Final Fantasy X gameplay

Appearing in almost every game in the series since its introduction in Final Fantasy II is the Malboro, apparently getting its name as a play on Marlboro cigarettes as a result of its signature “Bad Breath” attack. These plant-like creatures with hideous rows of sharp teeth and multiple protruding eyes are unmistakable in appearance and equally as threatening in combat, with the Bad Breath attack capable of inflicting just about every negative status effect at once. The Ribbon item in Final Fantasy, which protects against every status effect, is practically tailor-made for fighting a Malboro, and having a party equipped with these helpful accessories makes an otherwise incredibly challenging encounter trivial. The Malboro is so iconic that it’s the first “boss” enemy during the prologue of Final Fantasy XVI (as the “Morbol”).

5. Behemoth

Final Fantasy XVI gameplay

Perhaps the most fearsome and challenging of the iconic monsters in the Final Fantasy series is the Behemoth. These late-game foes typically first appear as a mini-boss encounter only to then eventually become regular random battles in each game’s later areas or final dungeons. Final Fantasy XVI even includes variants of the Behemoth that exist as some of the game’s “super-bosses” as part of its Hunt sidequests, illustrating the notoriety of the creature and its history of being one of the series’ most challenging foes. To add to the fear factor surrounding encountering one of these intimidating beasts, running from a fight against a Behemoth is typically impossible, trapping the player in a fight that they may not emerge from.

4. Cactaur

Final Fantasy XIV gameplay

Another deceptively cute foe from the Final Fantasy series is the Cactaur. In each of the Cactaur’s appearances (nearly 50 separate games across the entire mainline series and spin-off games) players typically don’t even get to fight against these monsters thanks to their proclivity towards running away. When the Cactaur doesn’t run, itusually defends itself using its needles, which range anywhere from “1000 Needles” to the more powerful “10000 Needles”. Some games in the series include the Cactaur as an available summon, and thanks to the power of its needle attack and no discernable elemental affinity, makes them one of the best summons in the game. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Cactaur that makes it so iconic is its humorous expression of surprise, making it an ideal creature to use in Final Fantasy merchandise.

3. Bomb

Final Fantasy XII gameplay

Across the Final Fantasy series, the Bomb exists as one of the most commonly appearing monsters as well as a valuable lesson for new players in deciphering enemy weaknesses. Simply mashing a button to attack enemies with the party’s melee capabilities will only get players so far, and eventually using magic and strategizing in encounters becomes a necessity. The Bomb exists as a tutorial of sorts for players by illustrating that paying attention to an enemy’s design and name can often give away details regarding its elemental weaknesses. Once players discover that ice magic can render the Bomb toothless, these enemies go from intimidating balls of fire to little more than a minor annoyance. That said, several games in the series take these typically weak enemies and transform them into challenging boss encounters that test the limits of players’ battle prowess.

2. Moogle

FInal Fantasy XVI gameplay

Another iconic creature from the Final Fantasy series that makes its first appearance in Final Fantasy III, the Moogle are almost as iconic and central to Final Fantasy as the Slime is to Dragon Quest. These mischievous and friendly monsters typically provide the layer with assistance in some form while also maintaining their own separate civilizations separate from humanity. Final Fantasy VI finally gave players the opportunity to play as a Moogle via the character Mog, and it turns out that these fuzzy little helpers are also quite capable warriors that use their dancing to debuff and damage foes. Since their first appearance, the Moogles show up in almost every Final Fantasy game as a symbol of the series and a means for the game to communicate important information about the series’ meta.

1. Chocobo

Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay

The most iconic monster in the Final Fantasy series is, without a doubt, the Chocobo. These unmistakable giant yellow avians are modes of transport, faithful companions, and occasionally random encounters that greet players in every game in the series except for the original. So iconic is the Chocobo that they’re the only monster on this list that has its own theme from series composer Nobuo Uematsu, which plays in one arrangement or another when players catch chocobos in the wild by encountering them or entering their hidden forests. Unlike any other monster on this list, the Chocobo is the only creature in the Final Fantasy series to have its own spin-off games, cementing the importance of these creatures in the series’ canon. Players expect to see certain staples in each new Final Fantasy game, and it simply wouldn’t classify as Final Fantasy with the Chocobo not included.

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