CheatCC’s Comic Con 2016 Wrap-up

CheatCC’s Comic Con 2016 Wrap-up

Comic conventions aren’t really about comics anymore. It’s more of a misnomer, really. We’ve reached a point where an event like the San Diego Comic Con isn’t only about comic book and properties related to them. People from every geeky walk of life gets a chance to enjoy the show and things they love. Increasingly, these events have been a boon for gamers as well. The San Diego Comic Con 2016 in particular was a fantastic event for gaming. Many announcements and reveals were made, ready for us to savor every one.

Have you caught Sonic Mania?

This is probably the biggest news to come out of the SDCC 2016. A new Sonic the Hedgehog game was announced. No, it isn’t another Sonic Boom . It’s Sonic Mania . This is a 2D platformer inspired by the games we actually enjoyed. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are going to get to go through new zones and utilize original abilities to take down Dr. Eggman. Again. Because that’s what those dudes do. It’ll be on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next year and seems like just the thing to make Sonic great again

There’s also that Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors successor to consider. Project Sonic 2017 is an entirely new game inspired by those entries for current gen consoles and the NX. It’s a whole new, 3D platformer. While some of the other, more recent 3D Sonic games weren’t that good, maybe this’ll blast Boom out of our minds.

Sure, all of those Sonic Adventures teases turned out to be just that – teasing – but I think these two announcements made up for it.

Comic games stand strong .

Do you side with Marvel or DC? It doesn’t matter, because both brands have you covered in terms of games. I’m not even talking about those awesome Batman: The Telltale Series leaks and trailer that came out in time for SDCC 2016. I’m talking about the supplemental Marvel and DC gaming news. To start, Injustice 2 showed off two of the cast’s power players. Both Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle will be bringing their all to the battles ahead. She’s gotten an upgrade, meaning she can use her golden lasso with her sword and shield. Blue Beetle, on the other hand, is making his debut and has tons of alien technology with him.

But that’s only one side of the story. Remember Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ? Did you like those games? They’re coming back. Remasters of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are both out this week. Surprise! Time to go fight evil again with your favorite superheroes and mutants. Given the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is super wonderful and timely news.

CheatCC’s Comic Con 2016 Wrap-up

Don’t forget about actual, you know, game games.

Everything else we’ve talked about taps into the comic world. Sonic the Hedgehog has established comic series. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Injustice 2 are based on comics. But so many other games showed up at the event in some shape or form. Nintendo had a gaming lounge packed with amazing 3DS games. Kojima Productions showed off its company logo movie . A No Man’s Sky trading trailer was released. There was a Halo Wars 2 panel . Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV received an August 30 digital release date . We even saw the art for the Pokemon Go gym leaders at an SDCC 2016 panel!

This was a big year for the San Diego Comic Con. It was undoubtedly a success. Considering the wealth of information that poured out, I think it easily qualifies as one of the best cons for gamers ever. We were able to see and enjoy so many amazing things. So many news stories came out of it. One can only hope SDCC 2017 is as robust and filled with glad tidings.

Looking to get in on all the con fun? A Wizard World event is coming up in Columbus, Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Center July 29 th -31 st .  For more info, check out Wizard World’s official site for details !

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