Club Nintendo Demo Distributions Are Brilliant

Club Nintendo Demo Distributions Are Brilliant

A funny thing can happen with reward programs and customer loyalty promotions. It’s easy for people to forget about them. Points and codes will go collected and unredeemed, even if someone signs up in the first place, because it’s easy to misplace or forget about collecting special offers. Which is why Nintendo’s most recent Club Nintendo revelation is so ingenious. I’m talking, of course, about the early Club Nintendo demos.

It all started earlier this year, with the release of a Tomodachi Life demo that was initially only sent out to select Club Nintendo Platinum-level members. People got first crack at the demo, and since playing it meant acquiring a special Panda suit for Miis in the full game, naturally people went for it.

Then, in September, there was the distribution of Super Smash Bros . demo codes. Again, it went out to select Club Nintendo Platinum-level members. People received a demo that wouldn’t expire, and even received additional codes to share with 3DS-owning friends.

Now, we’ve just learned that early copies of the Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby demo will be distributed to Club Nintendo Australian members in the same way. Hopefully, the same will be done for other regions. Nintendo started something here, something very good for everyone involved.

It’s good for every 3DS owner because it reminds us that Club Nintendo actually exists. We know that the games we buy, be it digitally or physically, earn us “coins.” It’s easy to forget to redeem the codes though, or fill out the online surveys to acquire them. By doling out early demo access to people who not only are members, but have reached the Platinum tier, people have an incentive to keep visiting the website, entering codes, filling out surveys, and even browsing the rewards section.

Plus, with the way the demos have been scattered, it’s a continual reminder Club Nintendo exists. Every few months, we hear there’s a demo coming out early for members. Hey, I’m a member! Didn’t I buy some eShop game recently? I should probably fill out the survey for it. Look, I have 250 coins now! I could use it to get a digital copy of that 3DS eShop game that looked interesting, but I didn’t want to spend real money to buy.

Club Nintendo Demo Distributions Are Brilliant

Of course, it’s good for Nintendo too. The only people who can get these Club Nintendo demo codes are ones who have checked the box that allows Nintendo to send them promotional emails. Which means Nintendo knows they can remind these same people certain games exist or are on the way. Extra advertising never hurts.

Plus, the demos may help encourage sales. If someone sees they’re only a few points away from that level, and knows that a Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby early demo may be distributed via email soon, it may help convince them to grab an extra eShop or physical game. If you’re that close to Platinum, really want that demo early, and did happen to want another game that’s immediately available, the incentive makes it easier to justify a purchase. Not to mention, playing the demo itself can easily convince someone to buy a game.

Nintendo may not have been marketing the Wii U properly, but one thing is for certain. The company knows what it’s doing with Club Nintendo. It’s move to offer exclusive demos in 2014 was pure genius. Everyone gets something out of the deal, and one can only hope that this practice will continue and perhaps extend to the Wii U.

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